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High Focus’s newest recruit has finally blessed us with his debut album on the label, No Brainer. The album has been well received, which makes sense given the strength of the lead singles, including the latest one, Pass The Mic. The track features North London MC, Rexx, as well as label mates, Fliptrix and Leaf Dog, with Talos once again handling the production. No Brainer is available now from the High Focus store.


Another cut from the recently released No Fixed Abode album from Smellington Piff. Riot Children is produced by Leaf Dog and the video was shot by Jack Suddaby. The album is out now on RLD Records.

This new visual from Leaf Dog made an appearance last week. The Rain is lifted from his long-awaited second solo album, Dyslexic Disciple, which is out now on High Focus.

Here is another smash from MoreOne’s latest EP. My Time is produced by Leaf Dog. The Wake Up Call is out now on In the Balance Records.

It was already in the mid-20’s when I rolled down to this year’s High Focus Block Party in Bristol and it was only going to get hotter, given the days running up to the event. Last year’s party had been a smash and this year looked set to at least rival it, if not surpass it. Doors opened at 2pm so I got down there at about 3pm and already had to deal with the huge queue that had formed; a teeming mass of the new generation of UK hip hop fans all fully loyal to the HF brand (and all of whom I’m pretty sure I was old enough to be their dad). Read the rest of this entry »

Check out the next track from Leaf Dog’s new album to be given the video treatment. The Reminder features fellow Four Owls member, BVA, as well as verse from the Ultramagnetic OG himself, Kool Keith. Dyslexic Disciple is out now on High Focus.

Yet another new video from the recently released Leaf Dog album. This time it’s Window, which is produced by Illinformed. Dyslexic Disciple is out now on High Focus.

The next video from Leaf Dog’s new album made its debut yesterday. Glass Eye is produced by Illinformed. The album, Dyslexic Disciple, is out now on High Focus.

I had to write ‘everyone’ cos I literally cannot fit all the MCs names into the title. 20 rappers, eight bars a piece. Safe to say this is a monumental track from Leaf Dog, as he continues to build on the intrigue for his forthcoming album, Dyslexic Disciple. Phi Life Cypher, Smellington Piff, BVA, Cracker Jon, Jehst, Jack Jetson, Dirty Dike, Verb T, Sonnyjim, Mysdiggi, Klashnekoff, Fliptrix, Bill Shakes, Eric The Red, King Kashmere, Remus, Task Force and DJ Sammy B-Side providing the cuts. Pre-orders for the album are available here.

Leaf Dog’s highly anticipated album is due out next month and yesterday brought us another taste of what’s in store. Today is produced by Leaf and the video was shot by Ed Keeble. You can pre-order Dyslexic Disciple over at the HF store.