I can’t rap so I write about it instead

A one-man blog with a focus on independent UK and US hip hop, as well as occasional posts about soul, funk, jazz, DnB, grime and anything else that takes my fancy

I’ve been running this blog for a few years now and while I have no plans to give it up, it does sometimes get a bit hard to muster the energy to keep it going. This is mainly due to the fact that on top of working a 50 hour week, plus hefty commute times, I still divert all my spare time into keeping the blog updated – something which I do not receive a penny for. Occasionally there are surprise costs (like a recent £120 phone interview with a rapper in the US), which I get no reimbursement for. As I said, I have no plans to stop doing what I’m doing, but if you ever feel like donating to the cause and giving me a little spring in my step, there is a PayPal link below… thanks in advance


For all music submissions & death threats please email: allgingereverything@gmail.com