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Dabbla continues his new music assault with his latest offering, Vines, which comes complete with a very slick CGI video. The film sees the LDZ MC making his way through Death Valley (for real, not CGI) before witnessing a spaceship crash landing and its inhabitant – a tiny robot being – making its entrance. The video was made by Pose Works and the track is produced by Don Piper. It is the next track to be taken from Dabbla’s second solo LP, Death Moves, which is due out later in the year on Potent Funk. Vines is available for free download now.


Ras Beats stays spinning gold as he releases the next track from his High 5 project. This time round he drafts in Vic Spencer for Compensated Confidence. You can stream it below and head over to Bandcamp to check some more jewels from the project. Read the rest of this entry »

Another solid release from SonnyJim as he makes yet more US connections, this time with the ever-prolific Camoflauge Monk. Money Green Leather Sofa is available to stream below and downloads can be copped via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

Another highly imaginative video from Chris Orrick and his recent Portraits album. This time round it’s the opening track, Self Portrait, which is produced by Nolan the Ninja. The video was made over the course of four months, the majority of which was spent in post-production, as every collage that’s used in the film was handmade and then edited into the footage. The video was directed by Malcolm Critcher and Symeon Platts. Portraits is out now on Mello Music Group.

Another dope cut from CRIMEAPPLE as he joins forces with Camoflauge Monk for Blvd East. You can stream the track below and downloads are available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

Paten Locke was recently asked to remix last year’s Resolution album from The Perceptionists. Having produced two tracks on the original album, Locke obviously understands the duo’s sound and so it was a fitting choice for Mello Music Group to bring him on board. The project will feature seven remixes from the album, alongside a brand new Locke produced track, Bait. You can stream it below and pre-orders for Low Resolution are available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

The Dead End Hip Hop gang recently premiered the brand new video from Career Crooks. It’s for Crook With a Deal, a sort of reworking of 50’s How To Rob, which is lifted from the Philly duo’s recent Thieving As Long As I’m Breathing album. The video captures those classic masked villain, heist style scenes, as Zilla Rocca raps about jacking various indie hip hop acts. The album is out now on URBNET.

Bit of a special release here, as Farma G – aka Farma Beats – unites with his son, Remus, for Est. 92. Having Task Force blood in your veins from the off was pretty much a guarantee that you were going to be a killer on the mic and that is exactly how Remus developed over the years. He’s shelled down appearances on SBTV, as well as highly notable guest features for the likes of Ocean Wisdom. Now he enters that rare breed of inter-generational collaboration and the result is pretty special. Five tracks with vocals by both Farma & Son, as well as full production from Farma throughout. A pleasure to see this happen and an additional pleasure to hear it work so well. You can stream the EP below and downloads are available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

Great joint from the AFT Raps family as Billy Whizz drops the first single from his upcoming EP. A Song For Noname sees the 3HB producer connecting with fellow Bristol-based rap machine and Don’t Flop On-Beat champ, Press1. The track was the result of an out of the blue phone call from one of Press’s old friends and is a comment on the taboos young men fight against when it comes to talking about their feelings. The video was made by This & That Media. The Always Finding Trouble EP will be out soon on AFT Raps.

Never content with being run of the mill, the latest offering from Blah sees Nobodies Home, Lee Scott and Sniff branching out into new creative areas.
Friday saw the arrival of the trio’s new project, ADHD Concerto 77 and to accompany the release they also put out this 10 minute film/extended music video, which covers the first ‘side’. The music itself is another left-field gem in Blah’s crown, with that style of wavy, monotone rap in full effect. The full project is available to stream below and you can cop a limited edition vinyl over at the Blah store. Read the rest of this entry »