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Pan Amsterdam might not be a familiar name, but if you are a fan of jazz then you might well be aware of the man behind the moniker. Leron Thomas has been an active musician since 2000 and has played horns with the likes of Bilal, Erykah Badu and Roy Hargrove. Taking on the guise of Pan Amsterdam, his music takes a shift in direction, primarily with the addition of his own vocal work.
It’s still very much jazz focused and his trumpet is still a main player, but the lyrics take on a spoken word style of delivery, creating a mellow and meandering little number. Plus One is taken from the forthcoming project, The Pocket Watch and I am keen to see what else that will have to offer. Plus One is produced by thatmanmonkz.


PremRock & Fresh Kils brightened up these cold climes with a surprise EP this week. Poet’s Payday has been put together while the duo are on tour and the result is seven strong tracks, ranging from the light air of Somebody Up There, to the electronic bombardment of Fentanyl. There are some nice features too, with billy woods dropping in on the aforementioned Fentanyl, Zilla Rocca bringing his a-game to Bad Sign and Ice Tha one making an appearance on Time, Change. Poet’s Payday is available to stream below and you can grab a download over on Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

One of the more consistent MCs of the era recently released yet another new project. The Golden Buddha follows on from last year’s Anchovies project, which the Fresno MC made with Apollo Brown. Magnetic Lord is produced by izznyce and is packed full of the same gritty wordplay that has made Asia an MC’s MC. The Golden Buddha is out now on Brick Records.

Second trip of the day to Mello Music Group, this time for the next excerpt from the upcoming Jean Grae & Quelle Chris album. Zero is an 8-bit extravaganza, complete with an animated video which Quelle also made. It clocks in at over 7 minutes long, which in itself is quite an audacious move in a world where a lot of art is consumed and spat out at an alarming rate, but then again neither of these two have ever really been artists who follow suit. And what’s more, it works. Everything’s Fine is due for release on 30 March.

It’s been cold as fuck for too long now, but a saving grace is that it is inspiring new music (maybe). Take Nebraska, the new joint from Milkavelli, Black Josh and Lee Scott. Produced by Levelz own, Biome, the track is the best sort of filth, right from the opening bar. The opening shot says it’s Milk & Josh featuring Lee, so maybe that means we’re going to get a proper project from the two of them. The video was made by AboveGround.

An album that I am very much looking forward to is the latest from Chris Orrick, an MC who routinely writes songs that resonate with me on a deeply personal level – Instinctive Drowning being a prime example. Yesterday Wax Poetics premiered the latest video for the project, Design Flaw.
The L’Orange produced track, features a puppet dealing with his own downward spiral and as director Malcolm Critcher said, the fact that he is in “denial of the fact that he is an inanimate object”. Portraits is due out on Mello Music Group on 4 May.

Eric the Red is about to hit us with a new album and this week saw the release of the first video. Analogy is produced by Illinformed, who is providing all the beats on the project. Caught Red Handed is due out on Lost Scroll Records on 24 April, with features from Datkid, Leaf Dog, Bill Shakes, Paro and DJ Merk. Pre-orders are available here.

Every now and then over the past couple of months, I have been putting up small posts on Instagram about favourite albums of mine. They have proved quite popular and so I thought I would start posting them on here too.

I have been reminding myself of the abundance of good tracks that are on Brand New Second Hand. It was one of the first UK hip hop albums I was obsessed with, after an ex bought it for me back in 2000. Before that I was pretty much only listening to US stuff, but that album changed a lot for me. Roots Manuva put me onto Skitz, who reintroduced me to Rodney Pā€™s music ā€“ having rinsed London Posse for a while a few years earlier ā€“ then from there I got into Low Life and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Read the rest of this entry »

A welcome return to the mic by Mylo Stone, as he delivers his new album, The Incredible Disappearing Man. It’s been a while since we heard any fresh music from the Bristol MC, but happy to report that he has lost none of his hunger in the interim. TIDM ranges from gritty to jazzy in terms of production, which is all taken care of by B-Lash, with Mylo’s vocals focusing on a range of issues, from the political to the more personal. Couple of noteworthy features from vocalist, Flo, who blesses The Highs with her soulful touch and local legend, Rola, who drops a nice verse on Breath. The Incredible Disappearing Man is out now on Killamari Records and you can stream it below. Read the rest of this entry »

Strong debut from Plymouth MC, Wyatt Earp, as he connects with Illinformed for Reg Kray. The video was shot by Sektion Red. Think this is going to be just the start for Earp, so keep an ear out for more gems dropping soon.