Here is the second part of my Lee Scott interview. I was beginning to think it was cursed due to how many problems it’s given me. But here it is, finally. To give you a bit of background, we had been planning to do an interview for a while, but timing had never been right. Then Lee messaged me one Friday night while I was on the way to my girl’s house. He said he’d been up since 5am and so it would be a good time to chat shit. So I rang him and we spoke for an hour about all the stuff you see below and in the first part (which you can find here). Loads of stuff about the early Blah days, meeting Milk for the first time and what projects he has lined up for the future. Read the rest of this entry »


Following on from their introductory funk foray in October last year, The Du-Rites return with another album and it’s another triumph. Greasy Listening sees J-Zone and Pablo Martin reunite for more funk exploration, ignited by the success of the first project. But Greasy Listening is not strictly more of the same, as the album takes on the role of an imagined concert, in a fictitious venue named The Collard Green Lounge. Read the rest of this entry »

More gritty minimalist rap from the new Apollo Brown & Planet Asia album. Anchovies is definitely one for rap aficionados and is probably going to end up in my favorite albums of the year, in a year which has produced gem after gem. It is available now on Mello Music Group.

More wrestling inspired rap from WSG and Conway, as the Griselda duo pay homage to the another fallen legend, Bobby Heenan. Production comes from Alchemist and Daringer. You can stream RIP Bobby below. Read the rest of this entry »

The long-awaited album from street soul duo Children of Zeus is still some way off, but to satisfy the fans like me who have been fiendin’ off the singles that have emerged over the past couple of years, Konny and Tyler have compiled The Story So Far.
The EP features all your favourites – Crown, Still Standing, No Strings Attached – along with some dusty new flavours, like Tonight, which is available to stream below. Pre-orders for the EP are available here. Read the rest of this entry »

Ded Tebiase looks set to continue the success of his Seventy Five LP with his latest offering, Landspeed. The album is going to be up for pre-order on 2 October and yesterday gave us the first proper glimpse, as Village Live released a video for Miss Groves. The great visual work comes courtesy of Damo Griff. Pre-orders will be available from the Village Live store.

More strong UK sounds as Verb T and Pitch 92 continue to tempt us with gems from their upcoming album. Mechanical is the next single from the project, which is due out for release on 6 October. You can pre-order now over at the High Focus store. The animated video was made by The Astroknight.

Just this week I was reminiscing over how fucking good Brainwave Canvas was, which prompted Morriarchi to tell me that him and Sniff had new music coming. Didn’t realise they meant two days later. Broke Zipper was released today on Blah Records and while the sound has evolved from their old unions, the levels are just as high. I’m guessing this is going to be the start of a stream of new shit from Sniff and Morri, maybe even a full project if we’re lucky. Broke Zipper is available to stream now on all the usual digital platforms.

L’Orange has been one of my favourite producers ever since I first pressed play on his project with Jeremiah Jae back in 2015. Since then he has released albums with Kool Keith and Mr Lif, and now he is coming back with a new solo project, The Ordinary Man. Read the rest of this entry »

Charles Edison is coming back with more music, after already supplying us with the excellent Waking UP EP earlier in the year. This time he is joined by Delusionists front man, Ben Black, on Gallery. Ben and his crew has been quiet for the past few years, so good to hear he’s still doing his thing. Gallery is available to stream below and you can cop a download here. Read the rest of this entry »

To paraphrase Lunar C in his 2013 interview with Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM, there are a lot of rappers trying to make conscious hip-hop in the UK – but more often than not it just sounds like someone moaning.
Thankfully fellow Yorkshire rapper ExP’s debut release RemarkableUnremarkable manages to not fall under the remit of this statement. The hip-hop here is intelligent, fun, honest, and relatable – all without making you reach for a toaster while you run the bath. Read the rest of this entry »