Jehst: Cornerstone

New visuals from Jehst this week, as he unveiled the latest video from his recent album, Mork Calling Orson. On Cornerstone, we hear the UK veteran getting to work over some suitably tight production from Sonnyjim, while the video was made by Kill Money. Mork Calling Orson is out now on YNR Productions.

Celestaphone: Paper Cut From the Obit (Stream)

New music from an artist I was unfamiliar with, but one that I’m happy to have been introduced to. Celestaphone is the name and his new album, Paper Cut From the Obit, was released last month. With rap music as its core, the album draws on other genres for its full allure and includes a guest list that taps into the top tier of artistry that populates the current soundscape. With features from Armand Hammer, Moor Mother, Defcee, R.A.P. Ferreira and Paul Barman, Paper Cut From the Obit is a welcome addition to the slew of new releases that have emerged this year. You can hear snippets below, with full downloads available on Bandcamp.

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Chunky: Somebody’s Child (Stream)

An unsurprisingly strong debut from a long established entity here, as Chunky releases his Somebody’s Child LP. Following on from years of association with the likes of LEVELZ, Swamp81 and Zed Bias, the Manchester artist comes into his own with a strong album that successfully blends rap with the surrounding subcultures and genres that Chunky has long inhabited. You can get a feel for Somebody’s Child below, with downloads available on Bandcamp.

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B. Cool-Aid: Cnt Go Back (Tell Me) + LP News

Sticking with that same school of soulful raps, B. Cool-Aid are also on the verge of releasing a new album. Due at the end of this month, Leather Blvd. is the follow up to their 2017 offering, BRWN, and it looks set to exceed the expectations set by its predecessor. There are a couple of glimpses into the album available already, including the feature-heavy, Cnt Go Back, which sees Siifu and Ahwlee enlisting the assistance of Liv.e, Butcher Brown, Jimetta Rose, V.C.R and Maurice II. Give it a listen below, then head to Bandcamp to grab a pre-order before the 31 March drop.

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YUNGMORPHEUS: Layman’s Terms + LP News

New cuts emerging from YUNGMORPHEUS, as he prepares to release his latest album. From Whence It Came arrives in full next month and boasts a range of production credits, including some from the man himself. There are some nice sounding features too, with MED, Fly Anakin and Jimetta Rose among the names helping to keep the soul flowing. There are a couple of tracks circulating already, including the Junie produced, Layman’s Terms, which you can hear below. Pre-orders for the album are available now over on Bandcamp.

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Lord Apex & Drae Da Skimask: The Elevated and Elusive (Stream)

Top tier link up here, as Lord Apex joins forces with the forever on point, Drae Da Skimask, for The Elevated and Elusive. Apparently the tracks were recorded over a span of five years, which Apex says should answer some questions about his whereabouts. You can sample some of the tracks below, with ‘name your price’ downloads available via Bandcamp.

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sleepingdogs: i’m fakin’ my own death just to get some rest (stream)

Today sees the full release of the debut album from sleepingdogs. If you missed my last related posts, the project is a collaboration between andrew and Jesse the Tree, with both artists sharing mic and production duties. It’s a combo that works well, thanks to a complementary blend of styles from the duo that seems to draw on the best of both their talents. The album is out now via Three Dollar Pistol Music, with features from Zilla Rocca and PremRock. You can get a feel for it below, then head to Bandcamp to grab a download or a CD.

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Mixtape Frank (Fly Anakin): stop tryna hack my facebook (Stream)

A little gift from Fly Anakin to celebrate the first anniversary of his debut solo album, Frank. Adopting the pseudonym, Mixtape Frank, the Mutant Academy rapper has released this mini mixtape. It serves as a thank you for the support his fans showed towards Frank, an amuse bouche before the release of his album, Skinemaxxx, next month, and as a homage to the mixtapes he grew up with (complete with ‘borrowed’ beats). Apparently there are more to come too. For now though, make the most of the apparently appropriately named, stop tryna hack my facebook, which you can listen to below. Downloads are up on Bandcamp.

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ILLAMAN x Pitch 92: Sometimes Relax

A very satisfying introduction to the forthcoming album from ILLAMAN and Pitch 92, along with a new video that premiered today via Potent Funk. Heartfelt bars from ILLAMAN, still tinted with the same humour he’s always brought to the booth, and Pitch once again finding the perfect accompaniment with his production, as he makes his debut with the label. Their album of the same name, is due out on 26 March. More news on that soon.

Hit-Boy x The Alchemist: Slipping Into Darkness

You couldn’t get much fresher than this new joint from Hit-Boy and The Alchemist, which just finished premiering over on YouTube. The track, Slipping Into Darkness, sees Alc rapping his way over a Hit-Boy beat, before the tables turn and Hit-Boy returns the favour over an Alchemist beat. I’m really enjoying all the recent buzz around Alc’s rapping and I hope it leads to something more substantial – like the long-awaited second Step Brothers album maybe… But for now, check the video and pay Hit-Boy his dues because his verse is on point.