Spectacular Diagnostics: Raw Lessons (Stream)

Following some much deserved hype and anticipation, the new album from Spectacular Diagnostics arrives in all its splendour today. Raw Lessons is another feature heavy affair, with some truly unique pairings, including a track with Immi Larusso and Bruiser Wolf, while elsewhere regular Spec collaborator, Kid Acne, joins forces with Sonnyjim. There are also features from the likes of Fatboi Sharif, Lee Scott, CLBRKS and TheDeadCanRap. The album is available to preview below, then head to Bandcamp to check the full lineup and secure ownership of the vinyl or a download.

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Spectacular Diagnostics ft. Curly Castro, Illogic & Defcee: Class + LP News

Spectacular Diagnostics is gearing up for the release of a new album, which looks set to continue the pretty formidable run he has been on for the last few years. The Chicago producer has a habit of amassing an impeccable roster of guests for his releases and the tracklist for RAW LESSONS is further proof of that particular skill.
Take the new single, Class, which features a trio of commanding voices, in the form of Curly Castro, Illogic and Defcee. Elsewhere on the album, we find a diverse range of appearances from the likes of Sonnyjim, Bruiser Wolf, CLBRKS, Fatboi Sharif and Lee Scott, collectively bringing forth one of the most intriguing lineups I’ve seen for years.
You’ve got to wait until March for the full release, but if you head over to Bandcamp you can hear another feature from King Kashmere, as well as one of the instrumental cuts that pepper the album. Pre-orders for digital and vinyl are also available.

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PENPALS & Spectacular Diagnostics: Dimensions of Dialogue (Stream)

Spectacular Diagnostics has a habit of bringing out the best in anyone he works with and this is more than evident on his latest collaboration, alongside NY rap trio, PENPALS. Dimensions of Dialogue features more sci-fi tinged production from the man behind the beats, while the PENPALS brand of rhyming seems to have been tailor made for the musical backdrop. Entertaining and engaging. Check it out for yourself below, then hit Bandcamp to grab a download.

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Spectacular Diagnostics: Ancient Methods (Stream)

Another essential new release from November, is the new album from Spectacular Diagnostics. Following on from the earlier acclaimed, Natural Mechanics, Ancient Methods saw Spec delivering his second win of the year. That win is thanks in part to the guest spots on the album, which featured billy woods, ELUCID and Nosaj, as well as plenty of typically tight instrumentals, including my personal favourite, Crystal Ball Emoji. You can peruse the album for yourself below, then go show your support over on Bandcamp and cop the vinyl before they all vanish.

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Spectacular Diagnostics ft. ELUCID: Chickenskin

I already warned you that Spectacular Diagnostics was returning with a new album which boasts three outstanding features, and now that prophecy is materialising thanks to the release of this latest single. Chickenskin features one of the most powerful voices in rap right now, courtesy of a killer appearance from ELUCID, who once again manages to make my head spin in the best way possible. You can hear the track below and then get your ass over to Bandcamp to secure a pre-order before Ancient Methods arrives in full next month.

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Spectacular Diagnostics: Raw Transmissions + LP News

Spectacular Diagnostics has been busy putting together a new album, which looks like it could be his second win of the year, following on from the release of Natural Mechanics back in May. While that album presented a lighter and mellower side to Spec’s production, Ancient Methods will be a return to a sound similar to that he captured on Raw Unknown in 2020. And like that album, this new project will feature a few notable guests, including billy woods, ELUCID and Nosaj. Pre-orders for the album went live yesterday, along with the first single, Raw Transmissions, which you can hear below.

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Spectacular Diagnostics ft. Pertrelli Purple: Fish

A fresh batch of hazy joy from Spectacular Diagnostics, as he treats us to another video from his latest album. Fish features the always enticing flows of Pertrelli Purple, as well as some psychedelia flavoured visuals from Morriarchi and Honey JD. Natural Mechanics is out now on Group BraCil.

Spectacular Diagnostics: Natural Mechanics (Stream)

Following on from a couple of exquisite singles, the full album from Spectacular Diagnostics is given life today. Natural Mechanics sees the Chicago producer taking proceedings in a different direction to last year’s Raw Unknown, with a decidedly more mellow and dreamy sound threaded through the duration of the album. Heavier on the instrumentals too, although there are some superb features from Jeremiah Jae, lojii, Pertrelli Purple and Immi Larusso. You can explore the full album below and then check out the vinyl edition via Group BraCil. Shout out to Matt Littler on the artwork.

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Group BraCil: happiness, we’re all in this together (Stream)

New sounds from the Group BraCil camp as they release their new label compilation. happiness, we’re all in this together is a fine blend of old and new, as the rising label hit us with tracks from the likes of Verbz and Chuck Enzo, while also bringing new members to the fore with new material from Spectacular Diagnostics and Don Leisure. It serves as a fine showcase for a label who have consistently proven their worth with each new release, and who look set to continue blurring the lines between genres as their roster gains strength. You can hear the album in full below, with physical and digital versions available on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Group BraCil: happiness, we’re all in this together (Stream)”