Lee Scott: There is a Reason for Everything (Stream)

Last week saw the arrival of Lee Scott’s latest solo release, in the form of There is a Reason for Everything. Entirely self-produced, the project features more Runcorn tinted raps and is laced with that feeling of autobiographical nostalgia that Lee does so well. No features, just the man himself on top form for eight tracks. The album is available to preview below, with some CDs left via Bandcamp. For some insights into the making of the album, check out my recent interview with Lee.

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Lee Scott: Worra Day + EP News

New music from Lee Scott to kick the week off, as he gives us a little taster from his forthcoming EP. Worra Day is one of the tracks to be found on the self-produced project, There is a Reason For Everything, which is due for release later this month. It’s Lee first full-length solo release since 2021, which we went into in more detail in my recent interview, which you can read here. You can listen to Worra Day below, while pre-orders for the EP are available on Bandcamp, along with a variety of physical and merch options (which are unsurprisingly selling out pretty quickly). The EP is out in full on 26 May.

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Creative Compulsions: Another Interview with Lee Scott

Last year, Lee Scott released his debut novel, Swan Songs. The book rightfully received a lot of acclaim from across the literary world and beyond, successfully adding another string to Lee’s bow. I recently had an extensive chat with him, about Swan Songs and writing in general, as well as his never-ending creative urge, his future plans, and finding Runcorn related gold in an L.A. record store.

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Spectacular Diagnostics: Raw Lessons (Stream)

Following some much deserved hype and anticipation, the new album from Spectacular Diagnostics arrives in all its splendour today. Raw Lessons is another feature heavy affair, with some truly unique pairings, including a track with Immi Larusso and Bruiser Wolf, while elsewhere regular Spec collaborator, Kid Acne, joins forces with Sonnyjim. There are also features from the likes of Fatboi Sharif, Lee Scott, CLBRKS and TheDeadCanRap. The album is available to preview below, then head to Bandcamp to check the full lineup and secure ownership of the vinyl or a download.

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Jehst: Mork Calling Orson (Stream)

A pleasing return to centre stage from Jehst, with the release of his first solo album since 2017’s, Billy Green is Dead. Mork Calling Orson finds the UK rap linchpin on typically fine form, with his pen remaining as sharp as ever and his production choices setting the album’s mood without fault. Contributions from Sam Zircon, Beat Butcha, Sonnyjim, Mr Brown, Keor Meteor, Taharka and Jehst himself, provide a varied but unified sound, while Lee Scott, CW Jones, Sindysman, Eva Lazarus and Confucius MC, all prove to be the perfect co-stars. Previews of Mork Calling Orson can be heard below, with Bandcamp being the best spot to grab your downloads and physical copies.

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Cult of the Damned: SCOTTY2COMFY

Cult of the Damned reassembled recently to bring forth their latest album, CULTGANGRAPSH!T VOL. 1. Produced in its entirety by fellow cult favourite, Drae Da Skimask, the album is another testament to Blah’s reign on the UK alt-rap throne. This particular track, SCOTTY2COMFY, features Lee Scott, Sniff and Bisk. The full album is available for your listening pleasure at the usual spots.

BeTheGun: Metropolis

At last we are being treated to a full project from one of the more sought after but least heard rappers in the country. BeTheGun has been a cult favourite – in every sense – for a while, but until now we have never been able to eke out more than a few hooks and verses here and there. That was until recently, when he announced the imminent arrival of a brand new EP, entitled Miami Deco. Metropolis is the first single and it comes fully equipped with a video as slick and suave as the man of the hour. Production is handled by Lee Scott, with Jack Chard joining him on the remainder of the project, which is due for release on Blah on 24 October.

Confucius MC: Somewhere (Stream)

Continuing that run of beautiful releases with the latest album from Confucius MC. Somewhere is a reunion of sorts, as it is produced in full by Keor Meteor, who was the man behind the boards on The Highest Order, back in 2014. This new album captures the same creative spark they discovered back then and builds it up into an inferno of lyrical insights, compelling narratives and jazz-soaked beats. Plenty of notable features too, thanks to appearances from Jehst, Sonnyjim, Verbz, Strange U and Lee Scott. You can get lost in the full brilliance of the album below, while Bandcamp is the spot to find your downloads and physicals.

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Eahwee x Lee Scott: LOOOL

New music from London producer, Eahwee, as he blesses us with his latest project, Solitude. It’s his first release on the Astral Black label and quite the debut it is too, thanks to a potent blend of instrumental glories and solid vocal features, including Melanin 9, Ninjah Aragniz and Lee Scott. You can hear the latter of those above, thanks to the new video from Honey JD and LOUDHOUSE. The whole EP is available now via Bandcamp.

Two Orange Tecs, A White Camouflage Suit & Some Silver Boots

If you follow Lee Scott on Facebook, you might have noticed he’s recently started posting up some of his favourite classic rap albums and urging his younger fans to go and explore them if they’re not already familiar. Me and Lee have had a few little rap related chats of our own in the past and so I thought I’d use the current situation as an opportunity to pick his brains about his favourite rappers from back in the day, plus a few other little questions here and there. So via Twitter DMs, we delved into a whole bunch of original talent, including Redman, Likwit Crew, Company Flow and The Cenobites (the title of this piece is a reference to their track, How The Fuck You Get A Deal). To be honest we could have gone on a lot longer, so maybe we’ll try and squeeze another one out before normality returns. For now though, get stuck into this geek sesh.

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