Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams: Planet Unfaithful (Stream)

Following on from a triumphant lead single, Fatboi Sharif and Roper Williams return with the full release of their new EP, Planet Unfaithful. It’s a project that not only serves as another step in Sharif’s ascent towards the upper echelons of rap greats, but one that also cements his partnership with Roper Williams in the pantheon of MC-producer duos. ELUCID had already lent his own brand of vocal dominance to the previously released Scrabble Board Pieces, while Bruiser Wolf continues the theme of artistic individuality with his feature on Po Pimping Do or Die. All of that in an EP that only emerged in the dawn of the new year. Start as we mean to go on. You can get a taste of Planet Unfaithful below, while downloads are available over on Bandcamp.

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Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams ft. ELUCID: Scrabble Board Pieces

When I interviewed Fatboi Sharif at the end of last year, he told me that him and Roper Williams had been working on new music together, following on from the acclaim that surrounded the Gandhi Loves Children LP. And sure enough, a few weeks later, we’re treated to the first glimmer of new material with the arrival of Scrabble Board Pieces. The single sees Sharif and Roper reprising the successful collaborative role they have established since the start of their creative partnership, combined with the lyrical presence of ELUCID, who provides his first verse for 2023. It’s the sort of linkup that feels it should have happened a long time ago, while making me even more curious to see hear what else Sharif and Roper have been cooking up together. Scrabble Board Pieces is available to stream below, with downloads to be found over on Bandcamp.

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ELUCID: Spellling + LP Stream

Having teased us with the promise of another 12 month bounty of stellar projects at the start of the year, Backwoodz continue to keep to their word with the release of the latest album from ELUCID. I Told Bessie landed last week and helped to further carve out ELUCID’s niche as one of the most captivating artists of a generation. Wielding his voice as a weapon, the Armand Hammer MC wades through production picks from the likes of Child Actor, Sebb Bash, August Fanon, The Lasso and The Alchemist. There is also a strong supporting cast of vocalists, including billy woods, Quelle Chris and Pink Siifu. You can watch the video for the lead single, Spellling, above and then head to Bandcamp to grab a copy of the full album.

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Armand Hammer & The Alchemist: Robert Moses / God’s Feet

Two for one from Armand Hammer and The Alchemist, as they round off another successful year with a double drop of videos. Robert Moses and God’s Feet are both taken from the trio’s universally acclaimed album, Haram, and the films were directed by regular collaborator, Joseph. Keep an eye out for a split second of Bristol footage in the Robert Moses video. Haram is out now via Backwoodz Studioz.

Spectacular Diagnostics: Ancient Methods (Stream)

Another essential new release from November, is the new album from Spectacular Diagnostics. Following on from the earlier acclaimed, Natural Mechanics, Ancient Methods saw Spec delivering his second win of the year. That win is thanks in part to the guest spots on the album, which featured billy woods, ELUCID and Nosaj, as well as plenty of typically tight instrumentals, including my personal favourite, Crystal Ball Emoji. You can peruse the album for yourself below, then go show your support over on Bandcamp and cop the vinyl before they all vanish.

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Spectacular Diagnostics ft. ELUCID: Chickenskin

I already warned you that Spectacular Diagnostics was returning with a new album which boasts three outstanding features, and now that prophecy is materialising thanks to the release of this latest single. Chickenskin features one of the most powerful voices in rap right now, courtesy of a killer appearance from ELUCID, who once again manages to make my head spin in the best way possible. You can hear the track below and then get your ass over to Bandcamp to secure a pre-order before Ancient Methods arrives in full next month.

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Steel Tipped Dove: Call Me When You’re Outside (Stream)

After well and truly getting the world excited with a teaser from his album, yesterday marked the full release for Steel Tipped Dove. Having amassed a list of features to make the average underground rap fan weep tears of joy, Dove went on to craft a selection of beats that each marry perfectly with their guest stars. As well as the previously shared, NFT, featuring The Koreatown Oddity and billy woods, there are also cuts with SKECH185, Fatboi Sharif, SHIRT, ELUCID, KeiyaA, Fat Tony, Pink Siifu and Fielded, as well as a few more with woods. You can experience a taste of the joys available below and then head to Bandcamp to show your support.

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Moor Mother: Made A Circle / Mangrove

Not one but two reasons for you to go and explore the artistic depths of the new album from Moor Mother, in the form of the dual video for Made a Circle and Mangrove. The first part of the video is dedicated to Made a Circle, which features contributions from Nappy Nina, Maassai, Antonia Gabriela and Orion Sun, while Mangrove features ELUCID and Antonia Gabriela. It’s only a sprinkling of the magic you can find on the album, which continues to elevate Moor Mother as one of the most important voices of the era. Black Encyclopedia of the Air is out now on ANTI-.

E L U C I D & Von Pea: Dirtee Deacon (In T​.​S​.​O​.​Pea)

Very happy to see the release of this unearthed collaboration between ELUCID and Von Pea. The album was made 10 years ago but didn’t surface until last week, thanks to something of a surprise drop from the duo. As well as being a solid project, it’s also a stark reminder that ELUCID has been rapping at another level for a long time. You can get a taste of the album below, then head to Bandcamp to secure a download or physical.

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Armand Hammer & The Alchemist ft. KAYANA: Black Sunlight (Video)

Another glorious video from Armand Hammer and The Alchemist, this time for the KAYANA assisted track, Black Sunlight. The video continues the psychedelic animation vibes of Stonefruit and features, in no particular order or preference, woods as an astronaut, Alchemist as a airline pilot and ELUCID looking very happy in a monster truck. The drawings and animation were created by Shane Ingersoll. Haram is out now on Backwoodz Studioz.