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Intense remix from Willie Green, as he tackles one of the gems from the recent Armand Hammer album. Carnies features a nice spot from Mach Hommy, as well as some suitably cerebral lyricism from billy woods and ELUCID. You can stream the remix below and the album, Rome, is available now on Backwoodz Studioz. Read the rest of this entry »


Brooklyn MC, producer and all round rap aficionado, Duncecap, is releasing his new album next week and it looks set to be another success for independent artists. Yesterday this video emerged, for a track that also features two other hip hop dons, namely Quelle Chris and ELUCID.
Duncecap did the production and also made the video, so looking forward to hearing what’s he created for the rest of the album. Rapping is For Idiots is due for release on 10 November and pre-orders are available here.

The cerebral musings of billy woods and ELUCID are pretty powerful as separate entities, so when they come together as Armand Hammer, the result is never to be taken lightly. The duo already have two releases under their belt and now they are coming back with a third – ROME. There have been a lot of comparisons made recently about the fall of Rome and the potentially catastrophic direction of America under the leadership of Trump. I’m going to assume the two are linked but will see what enlightenment the full release brings next month. It was Written was produced by August Fanon. ROME is up for pre-order now, with the digital release scheduled for 2 November.

NY indie favourite, ELUCID, is back at it with another album release, following on from January’s sublime, Valley of Grace. Horse Latitude is an instrumental project, with 11 tracks showcasing ELUCID’s varied soundscapes, ranging from the ethereal to the left-field, all threaded with the same vein of dope. You can stream the album below and downloads are available here. Read the rest of this entry »


Great release from ex-Griselda affiliate Mach-Hommy and Atlanta’s own, Tha God Fahim. Dollar Menu features production from the likes of Sadhu Gold, Frank Grimes and Elucid, as well as Fahim himself. The two MCs are pretty different in terms of style, but they work well together on the mic. You can stream the EP below, with downloads available via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been following Elucid’s career ever since I first heard on Metabeats’ Caviar Crackle LP, back in 2013. Since then I have heard some classic material from him, including last year’s excellent Save Yourself album. He shows no sign of relenting on that trend of dope releases as the arrival of his latest project signifies. Read the rest of this entry »


As the rest of the world collectively stares in disbelief at America, Elucid drops a poignant audio track entitled I Want A President, which is a cover of a poem by Zoe Leonard. You can have a listen below. Read the rest of this entry »

If you aren’t already familiar with the name, Lessondary are a multi-headed rap beast including the likes of Elucid, Jermiside and Donwill. They have an album out called Ahead of Schedule and this is the latest single. It’s produced by AEON. You can download the LP via Bandcamp now.

Willie Green dropped a new album on Friday, along with this video for his track Feathered Octopus. With features from Elucid, Open Mike Eagle, plus cameos from PremRock and some luchadores, it’s a good way to start your weekk. You can buy the album, Doc Savage, from the Backwoodz Studioz site.

Lessondary are back with another track from their Ahead of Schedule album. For those of you not familiar, the crew is formed of Von Pea, Donwill, Ilyas Nashid, Rob Cave, Che Grand, Jermiside, Elucid, Aeon and Brickbeats, so safe to say that quality is pretty much guaranteed. This particular track features Elucid, Che Grand and Donwill breaking down what it’s like to be black in America and how to survive.