Backwoodz Studioz: High Bias (Stream)

A surprise release here to coincide with Bandcamp Friday, as Backwoodz Studioz flex their collective muscle with a new compilation. Billed as lying “somewhere between a label sampler and woods’ curated mixtape”, High Bias features mostly new and unheard tracks from familiar label dwellers like Armand Hammer, AKAI SOLO and ShrapKnel, as well appearances from extended family members – and possible new additions to the roster? – including Fatboi Sharif, Breeze Brewin and Cavalier. The production is up to its usual standards as well, with August Fanon, Messiah Musik, Sebb Bash and DJ Haram among the contributors. High Bias is available to stream below, with downloads and cassettes over on Bandcamp.

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Spectacular Diagnostics: Raw Lessons (Stream)

Following some much deserved hype and anticipation, the new album from Spectacular Diagnostics arrives in all its splendour today. Raw Lessons is another feature heavy affair, with some truly unique pairings, including a track with Immi Larusso and Bruiser Wolf, while elsewhere regular Spec collaborator, Kid Acne, joins forces with Sonnyjim. There are also features from the likes of Fatboi Sharif, Lee Scott, CLBRKS and TheDeadCanRap. The album is available to preview below, then head to Bandcamp to check the full lineup and secure ownership of the vinyl or a download.

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OneShotOnce & Roper Williams: Hatched Caviar (Stream)

OneShotOnce and Roper Williams are back, building on the foundations of their 2022 EP, with a new full-length collaboration. Hatched Caviar saw its full release yesterday and has already received multiple spins from me. A nice mixed bag of features to go with the appeal of the main players, with Fatboi Sharif and Ransom among the supporting cast. Previews of Hatched Caviar are available below, with downloads over on Bandcamp.

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phiik & Lungs: Don Quixote + LP Stream

A fresh cut from one of my newly appointed favourite crews, as phiik and Lungs reunite for Another Planet 4. To get us in the mood for the album’s arrival, last week saw the release of a video for Don Quixote, which features production from LoneSword and visuals from Duncecap. Elsewhere on AP4 we’re treated to guest spots from Fatboi Sharif, Wavy Bagels and AKAI SOLO, as well as 17 tracks worth of precision raps from phiik and Lungs. Another Planet 4 is out now via Break All Records.

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Champion Poundcake ft. Fatboi Sharif & Rhys Langston: Dramacidal / Rags Anonymous

Double trouble here from Champion Poundcake, as he unleashes two new singles on our unsuspecting senses. The first, Dramacidal, sees the Brooklyn producer teaming up with Fatboi Sharif, while Rags Anonymous secures a feature from Rhys Langston. All in all, a fantastic triumvirate of left field rap power. The artwork comes in two parts as well, which only adds to the enjoyment. You can see the corresponding half below, where you will also find previews of the two tracks. Streams and downloads are also available.

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Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams: Planet Unfaithful (Stream)

Following on from a triumphant lead single, Fatboi Sharif and Roper Williams return with the full release of their new EP, Planet Unfaithful. It’s a project that not only serves as another step in Sharif’s ascent towards the upper echelons of rap greats, but one that also cements his partnership with Roper Williams in the pantheon of MC-producer duos. ELUCID had already lent his own brand of vocal dominance to the previously released Scrabble Board Pieces, while Bruiser Wolf continues the theme of artistic individuality with his feature on Po Pimping Do or Die. All of that in an EP that only emerged in the dawn of the new year. Start as we mean to go on. You can get a taste of Planet Unfaithful below, while downloads are available over on Bandcamp.

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Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams ft. ELUCID: Scrabble Board Pieces

When I interviewed Fatboi Sharif at the end of last year, he told me that him and Roper Williams had been working on new music together, following on from the acclaim that surrounded the Gandhi Loves Children LP. And sure enough, a few weeks later, we’re treated to the first glimmer of new material with the arrival of Scrabble Board Pieces. The single sees Sharif and Roper reprising the successful collaborative role they have established since the start of their creative partnership, combined with the lyrical presence of ELUCID, who provides his first verse for 2023. It’s the sort of linkup that feels it should have happened a long time ago, while making me even more curious to see hear what else Sharif and Roper have been cooking up together. Scrabble Board Pieces is available to stream below, with downloads to be found over on Bandcamp.

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Fatboi Sharif x noface ft. Lungs: John Hinckley

Can’t think of a better way to follow up my Fatboi Sharif interview than with the release of his latest video. John Hinckley is taken from his recent album, Preaching in Havana, which features full production from noface. This particular track also features a mesmerising guest verse from GRIP representative, Lungs, while the video serves as the perfect blend of street raps and provocative imagery. Preaching in Havana is out now on PTP.

Fatboi Sharif: Interview

Fatboi Sharif has been making some of the most compelling and intriguing rap music of his generation, thanks to a style that refuses to be boxed in by genre restrictions and critical expectations. I recently caught up with him via Zoom for a conversation which delves into the process behind his creativity, as well as his musical upbringing, his love of horror and his plans for the future. We also spoke about his most recent album, Preaching in Havana, which is out now on PTP.

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Jeff Markey: Sports & Leisure (Stream)

If you thought Backwoodz Studioz was finished for the year, then you were mistaken, as this week heralded the arrival of yet another release from the New York label. Sports & Leisure is the latest project from Jeff Markey, the Brooklyn-based producer and notable Backwoodz collaborator, who rounds off the year with a release that is part beat tape and part rap album. Featuring some of Markey’s instrumental ventures, as well as collaborations with the likes of PremRock, Fatboi Sharif, Defcee, billy woods and SKECH185, Sports & Leisure is both a fitting addition to Backwoodz’s already acclaimed year of releases and a fine introduction to those listeners who might not be familiar with the producer’s work. The album is available to explore below, with more download and streaming options at the usual spots.

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