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Intriguing project from High Focus, as Coops’ favourite, Talos, releases his debut solo EP. I say intriguing because if this first taste is anything to go by, it signals a shift away from the reliable hip hop parameters that have rightfully earned HF their legions of fans. This is a heavily jazz influenced track, made even more apparent by the appearance of Nubya Garcia, the London-based jazz saxophonist and composer. Great start to the EP and it’s definitely piqued my interest for the rest of the project. You can stream/download the Lowlight EP at all the usual spots.


Elaquent brings his brand of instrumental glory to the latest instalment of the Baker’s Dozen showcase series. As usual there is a limited edition vinyl run through Fat Beats, which you can find out more about over on their site and you can stream Elaquent’s 13 delicious offerings below. Read the rest of this entry »

UK producer, Oozhe, takes a break from smashing out beats for the likes of Verses Bang and Ocean Wisdom, to bless us with the fifth instalment from his Pigeon Feed beat tape series. From the triumphant slaps on the appropriately named opener, Enter, to the scratch infested head-nod vibes of Stage 33, Pigeon Feed 5 is a perfect addition to the series. Oozhe is able to straddle the line between boom bap styles and more contemporary flavours, without sounding like he’s pandering to the stalwarts from either group. You can stream the tape below, with streams and downloads available from the usual spots. Read the rest of this entry »

I hadn’t listened to Music for the Mature B-Boy in a minute, but as soon as I put it on earlier today, I remembered exactly why it was in heavy rotation in my house for years after it dropped. It was my first encounter with DJ Format and I think it was sold to me on the J5 feature on We Know Something You Don’t Know, but that turned out to be just one of the high points. Read the rest of this entry »

New beat tape from Boston producer EvillDewer is on the way, making it his fourth release since February. 13 features 16 new tracks, ranging from the guitar laced opener, Indoctrination/Loveless, to the off-kilter drums on Covert Gatherings. You can stream the tape below and a very limited run of cassettes are available to pre-order now. The official release date is 19 June. Read the rest of this entry »

New release from the Darkhouse Family, as Earl Jeffers takes a trip into the curious world of library records. Some rare synth gems, normally only found on soundtracks and the like, are dug up and cut up to form this little four track project. You can stream it below and if you head to Bandcamp you can pick up a vinyl and cassette bundle, which features a mixtape of ‘deep library grooves, unreleased beats and super rarities’. Nice. Read the rest of this entry »

More sublime head-nod vibes from the Village Live camp, as their latest release appears on the horizon. It’s another instrumental wonder, as producer Liphe delivers his Reforestation LP, which was inspired and constructed while he was travelling around Asia. The album went on sale last night over on the Village Live store, as well as all the usual platforms.

NY producer, Blockhead, has surprised us with a new(ish) project. The Art of the Sample is not your typical Blockhead release, however, as the man himself broke down in more detail over on Phat Friend – “What I made is my own library record. These are not typical Blockhead songs. They’re more stripped down and focused for the purpose of being used in TV and film. So, don’t expect 6 minutes songs that constantly change. This is not that.” Maybe so, but what it definitely is, is a fucking good record from one of my favourites, so I’d advise you all to give it a spin below. You can also grab a download from iTunes. Read the rest of this entry »

Kuartz returns with another jewel from his latest album, Kuartz FM. Oh Dam is drenched in good vibes and the video gives a little peek at the master at work. Kuartz FM is out now on Village Live Records.

The latest release from Village Live went on sale last night and to coincide with the drop, they put out a new video too. Kuartz was responsible for one of 2017’s instrumental gems in the form of Shurikens and now he looks set to continue the brilliance with Kuartz FM. The album is peppered with call ins and jingles, but the foundation is soul-tinged hip hop beats, as you will hear in Smile, and something the Village Live boys continue to do very well with their various releases. Kuartz FM is available to buy now.