cbakl: Songs to relax and drink Guinness to​.​.​. (Stream)

A fresh batch of instrumentals from across the sea, as Irish producer, cbakl, delivers his latest project. Seven sample-heavy and vocal-driven beats, which provide a nice break from the current loo roll frenzy. The EP is out now on fledgling label Off Licence Records and you can stream it in full below. Continue reading “cbakl: Songs to relax and drink Guinness to​.​.​. (Stream)”

Joe Corfield: Prototype (Stream)

A welcome return from Joe Corfield, as he closes his year with a tight little EP featuring some of his new beats. Prototype comes at the end of a year out, which he used to focus on sharpening his production techniques, with Corfield promising much more new music to follow in 2020. You can hear the EP in full below and downloads are available via Bandcamp.

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Yogi Beats: Jungl

Yogi Beats is due to release his new solo project later this month, following on from the visual mixtape he released last year with JPDL. Jungl is the lead single and makes for a strong introduction, with sample heavy production, including a quite haunting vocal loop. Jellystoned Park is out on 20 December, via Played Out Records. Jungl is available to stream on the usual platforms.

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Evidence: Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1 (Stream)

“Let me hear you rap on these”, proclaimed Evidence on Twitter this week, as he pushed the new beat tape that was given life earlier this month. Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1 is a great blend of heavy drums and soulful melodies, from an arguably underrated top tier producer. As well as the digital release, which you can stream in full below, there are also limited edition vinyl and cassette versions which have been made in three different colours. For more info on all that, check the Bandcamp page.

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Lee Scott: I Can’t Figure Out How I Figured It All Out (Stream)

New music from the rap game gift that keeps on giving, as Lee Scott surprises us with a new 10 track instrumental project. I Can’t Figure Out How I Figured It All Out is a collection of beats that Lee has put together over the last few weeks, in part because of a sore throat and in part because he is one of those artists who can’t ever stop making music. You can stream the project below and downloads are available via Lee’s Bandcamp. Continue reading “Lee Scott: I Can’t Figure Out How I Figured It All Out (Stream)”

Daringer: Baker’s Dozen (Stream)

Griselda production stalwart, Daringer, teams up with Fat Beats to assist with the 11th instalment of their Baker’s Dozen series. The 13 beats provide a nice insight into Daringer’s methods and shine a light on why he has fast become the favourite of many of today’s rap fans. Daringer himself says that his dad was a jazz pianist and so he grew up listening to a lot of improvised sessions, which definitely influenced his sometimes unconventional sequencing. The collection is available to stream below and downloads can be found on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Daringer: Baker’s Dozen (Stream)”

Norm Oddity: System Restore (Stream)

A solid batch of sample-based instrumental jams from Norm Oddity, as he presents his latest release, System Restore. Having found his way to the freshly formed, but already mighty, Group Bracil label, the South Wales producer displays his dexterity for beat-making with a varied selection that run the gamut from eerie lurkers to glitchy wonders. System Restore is available to stream in full below, with downloads and cassettes up for grabs via Bandcamp. The artwork was done by Matt Littler. Continue reading “Norm Oddity: System Restore (Stream)”

Ohbliv: Give Thanks (Stream)

Ohbliv has been on my radar ever since I first heard his production work on various Mutant Academy projects. Give Thanks is his latest beat selection and is a prime example of why he’s not only a favourite of mine, but also of the likes of Fly Anakin, Armand Hammer and Koncept Jack$on. Ohbliv sees this new release as a follow up to his contribution to the Baker’s Dozen series, which is put together by Fat Beats. For the recording he drew for a number of production tools, including his favourite – the SP-404. Give Thanks is available to stream in full below. Continue reading “Ohbliv: Give Thanks (Stream)”

EvillDewer: Slime Rituals

Sticking with beat tapes but this time across the Atlantic, as EvillDewer returns with his latest offering. Once again the beats themselves are sample heavy, experimental in the best way and all with a faint sense of menace looming. Slime Rituals is available to stream in part below and full downloads can be found via Speak No Evil Recordings. Continue reading “EvillDewer: Slime Rituals”