Aesop Rock & Blockhead ft. Lupe Fiasco: Pumpkin Seeds

A hell of a match up here, with the arrival of a new collaboration between Aesop Rock, Blockhead and Lupe Fiasco. Pumpkin Seeds is a one off that was created to help support two DIY skateparks in Dayton, Ohio. Proceeds from the single will go towards funding the parks. It’s a shame it’s only limited to a standalone track, as AR and Lupe sound magnificent together, with Blockhead’s production only strengthening the chemistry. You can listen to Pumpkin Seeds below, with vinyl and downloads also available.

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Aesop Rock x Blockhead: All the Smartest People

A visual treat here, as Aesop Rock unveils a new video from his album with Blockhead. All the Smartest People was one of the more intriguing songs from last year’s Garbology, which saw the duo finally uniting for a full length release, after years of sporadic collaborations. The song is now given even more allure, thanks to the video which features animated illustrations from Aesop himself.

Aesop Rock x Blockhead: Jazz Hands + LP News

Blockhead’s production played a major role in my early fascination with Aesop Rock’s music. I was a huge fan of those early projects and so when I saw that the NY producer had reunited with his old comrade for a series of remixes, I was happy to say the least. So imagine my emotions yesterday, when it was revealed that the two have created a whole new album together. Garbology is due for release next month, with the first single, Jazz Hands, already given life. It might possibly offer a different sound to the one you were expecting, as Aesop Rock glides over a drumless beat until his vocals drift away and the drums are introduced. It works so well though and makes me even more intrigued to hear what the rest of the album has in store. Pre-orders for Garbology are available now.

Blockhead: Space Werewolves Will Be The End Of Us All (Stream)

The magnificently titled, Space Werewolves Will Be The End Of Us All, is the latest release from Blockhead, as he continues his series of regular reminders that he is one of the most entertaining producers of the last two decades plus. No surprises for guessing that sci-fi is the sampling theme. You can indulge yourselves with a preview below, while downloads, streams and physicals are available via

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Blockhead: Tiny Bubbles (Stream)

A little bonus from Blockhead, with the arrival of two previously unheard tracks that didn’t make the final cut for last year’s Bubble Bath LP. The EP also features the title track from its predecessor and is available to stream in full below. You can also find the EP and the original Bubble Bath LP over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Blockhead: Tiny Bubbles (Stream)”

Blockhead: Bubble Bath (Stream)

We started off 2019 with a stunning album from Blockhead and now we get to draw the year to a close with another one. While Free Sweatpants saw the NY producer uniting with a variety of MCs, Bubble Bath is a return to the instrumental world that Blockhead is perhaps best known to inhabit. It’s also a step forward in terms of his production, as we find added musical layers added to his usual brand of sampling expertise. Bubble Bath is ready to stream in full below, plus streams and physicals are also available.

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Blockhead: On The Bright Side + LP News

Brand new single from Blockhead, as be begins the run up to his latest album. Not content with dropping an AOTY contender back in January, in the form of Free Sweatpants, the NY producer returns with an instrumental project which looks set to uphold the triumphs of his previous works. On The Bright Side is our first glimpse of what the full project holds in store and you can stream it for yourself below. The album is available for pre-order over on Bandcamp, with the release date set for 8 November.

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Blockhead: Free Sweatpants – The Instrumentals (Stream)

At the start of the year we saw the release of an album that will quite easily emerge as one of the strongest projects of 2019, when these 12 months are all done and dusted. For his first producer album, Blockhead amassed an intoxicating brew of instrumentals and vocal tracks, featuring some of the best voices in rap today.
Now we are being treated to the full instrumental release of Free Sweatpants, which is a must for any fans of the NY producer, or simply for fans of first rate beat-making. And as if the opportunity to digest all these gems in their rawest form wasn’t enough to pique your interest, the album also comes with two bonus tracks featuring billy woods, Curly Castro and Aesop Rock. You can listen to this bonus tracks and the rest of the album below, with downloads available via Backwoodz Studioz. Continue reading “Blockhead: Free Sweatpants – The Instrumentals (Stream)”

Blockhead ft. billy woods, Open Mike Eagle & Breeze Brewin: Slippery Slope

Blockhead kicked off 2019 with his new album, which is already a contender for all of your end of year lists. It included a stellar cast of supporting players, including this track Slippery Slope which features billy woods, Open Mike Eagle and Breeze Brewin. It’s now also got its own claymation video, courtesy of the talented Mr. Oz. Free Sweatpants is available now via Backwoodz Studioz.

Blockhead: Free Sweatpants (Stream)

Blockhead has been a favourite producer of mine ever since I first heard his work with Aesop Rock on Labor Days. Over the years he has maintained a steady stream of solid solo releases – Music by Cavelight and Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, being two personal favourites – as well as some excellent production credits for some equally excellent rappers. The one thing I have always wanted to hear from him though was a production album, featuring loads of good MCs rapping their asses off, which is exactly what the New York producer delivered today.
Following on from last year’s Funeral Balloons – his debut release on his new label home, Backwoodz Studioz – Free Sweatpants merges quintessential Blockhead instrumentals, with plenty of strong features from a whole host of talented writers. As if it’s not enough having Tree, Hemlock Ernst, Aesop Rock, Armand Hammer, Homeboy Sandman, Vic Spencer and Marq Spekt involved, Blockhead kicks off the album with a track featuring Open Mike Eagle, billy woods AND Breeze Brewin. The result is as good as you would hope for and more. I spent years waiting for this album to happen and I am happy to be able to say it has surpassed all my expectations. Free Sweatpants is available to stream in full below and you find downloads over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Blockhead: Free Sweatpants (Stream)”