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Sudan Archives has blessed us with a new video to coincide with the release of her latest EP. The audio for Nont For Sale surfaced last month, with Sudan drawing inspiration from a banner she found in Ghana that read, “THIS LAND IS NONT 4 SALE”. The Sink EP is out now on Stones Throw.


Anderson Paak and Knxwledge recently released a new video for one of the tracks from their 2016 debut, Yes Lawd! Lyk Dis is arguably one of the highlights from the album and the animated video only adds to the appeal. The animation comes courtesy of Andy Baker who brings life to Rhymezlikedimez’s illustration skills. Yes Lawd! is out now on Stones Throw.

Life is confusing sometimes. Take today when I found out that Homeboy Sandman and Edan had snuck out a new collaboration without much fanfare. The quandary though is that the mood of the song is railing against the internet and it’s many, many pitfalls, while simultaneously making us use the internet to listen to the song. I mean if that isn’t the trappings of modern life in a nutshell, then I don’t know what is.

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Sudan Archives returns with more captivating sounds, as she prepares to release her second EP, Sink. The title for the song was inspired by a banner that Sudan found in Ghana, which said “THIS LAND IS NONT 4 SALE”. The EP is due out on Stones Throw on 25 May.

How do you make Tuxedo sound even more outrageously fresh? Just unite them with funk pioneers Zapp, of course. That is what has happened on the latest track from Mayer Hawthore and Jake One, with the Troutman family & co. bringing their classic talk box cool to the mix. Shy is available to stream below and you can download it via Stones Throw. Read the rest of this entry »

Cohenbeats and Quelle Chris partner up on this new track, Daily Affirmations, which is the title track from Cohen’s album. Great video too, which was also animated and directed by Quelle. More info on the album is available over at the Stones Throw store.

Stones Throw long ago transcended the boundaries of being a hip hop label and now their roster boasts an alarming amount of talent, from a wealth of genres and styles. Take their latest signing, singer and violinist, Sudan Archives. The 23 year old Ohio resident is forging her own unique path, in a industry that is increasingly saturated with trite soundalikes and cliched repetitions. She is also self-taught on the violin – which is impressive in itself – having been inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, among other musicians. Her first single is a sublime number and gives you a first class idea of what she is all about. Haunting self-harmonies and glitchy electro backing, all laced with her fiddle and all produced by her as well. Sudan has an EP due out next month, so watch out for more news on that coming soon. Read the rest of this entry »

New animated video madness from Homeboy Sandman for the next track lifted from his latest album, Veins. Bamboo is produced by RTNC, while the video was put together by Schlonglord and The Lurk. The album is out now on Stones Throw.

Brand new video from the collaborative gift that keeps on giving – NxWorries. Knxledge and Anderon Paak made the video for Scared Money as a tribute to the film Paid in Full. The track is lifted from last year’s excellent Yes Lawd! album; keep your eyes out for a remix edition coming very soon.

Wicked mix from Tuxedo, providing the perfect aperitif for their album release on Friday. Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One had this to say: “The mix contains many Tux Refuxes and other assorted exclusives. Play this only at maximum volume…. We love each and every one of you.” Which is nice. You can stream the mix below and the full tracklist is available on Soundcloud. Tuxedo II is available to pre-order now through Stones Throw. Read the rest of this entry »