Cohenbeats and Quelle Chris partner up on this new track, Daily Affirmations, which is the title track from Cohen’s album. Great video too, which was also animated and directed by Quelle. More info on the album is available over at the Stones Throw store.


Crazy sounds on the new release from Buy Muy Drugs. The foundation for the project is a collaboration between rapper, Denmark Vessey and producer, Azarias. Between the two of them they craft a dystopian vision, which is also inhabited by a few other visitors, including Quelle Chris, Yasiin Bey and Open Mike Eagle. The sound is a rough blend of Afro-Brazilian flavours and dirty beats.
I’ve always been a fan of tales from a disturbed future, but as humanity continues down this destructive path we seem to be fastened to, releases like this are starting to sound more like guidebooks rather than imaginary events. So listen intently and take notes. You can stream the project below and you can download it via Bandcamp. Read the rest of this entry »

If you pay attention to me on social media, you will know I’m a bit obsessed with billy woods. Last time I got this deep into someone’s lyricism was Aesop Rock and that’s never really dissipated, so I expect to be geeking out for the rest of my life on woods. Read the rest of this entry »

The excellent new album from Bristol beatmaker, Ded Tebiase, is out now and this is the next in a series of strong videos taken from the project. Yeah comes with a nice feature from Ash The Author and the slick looking video was made by Ringz Ov Saturn. You can buy Landspeed now over at the Village Live store now and all the proceeds will go to

The new Datkid album is shaping up to be another UK success for 2017. This is the latest cut to be taken from the project and features another great beat from the LP’s producer, Baileys Brown. The video was shot by This & That Media. Pre-orders for Teeth Ledger will be available soon on the Split Prophets Bandcamp page.

Verb T and Pitch 92 released their new album last week and to celebrate the drop, they also gifted us this new single, Lie Low. Featuring a blistering verse from Ocean Wisdom and some tasty cuts from Sammy B-Side, it’s yet another reason to go cop the album. Good Evening is available to buy now from the High Focus store.

This great animated video emerged from the Mello Music Group camp a few days ago, as an accompaniment for one of the more powerful tracks from Oddisee’s recent LP, The Iceberg. You Grew Up details, among other things, a relationship between childhood friends of different ethnicities and the different paths their lives take after the white kid’s dad loses his job, eventually ending in tragedy.
As the song demonstrates, Oddisee has always been good at tapping into the moods of people at a particular time, whether it be the immigrant crisis or racially motivated police killings. The video was made by Eugene & Louise. The Iceberg is available to buy now.

Another stunning leak from the upcoming L’Orange album. The Difference features Blu and Elzhi over a typically smooth jazzy beat from the Nashville producer, spliced with a load of chopped up samples and only adding to my anticipation for the full project. The Ordinary Man is due out on 27 October on Mello Music Group and can be ordered here. You can steam The Difference below. Read the rest of this entry »

Great track from Keisha Plum, which premiered earlier in the week over at Mass Appeal. Keisha is the spoken word style MC who keeps cropping up on Westside Gunn tracks, like Easter Gunday and Flyy. According to Mass Appeal, Keisha grew up in Buffalo, but reconnected with the Griselda family in Atlanta, where she now lives. She has an album on the way and Home is the first taste. It features a nice verse from Eskay Home and it was produced by Cas1. You can stream it below. More news on the album soon. Read the rest of this entry »

Jman and Illinformed have served up the latest single from their eagerly awaited Babylon Dead album and it’s another killer. More menacing and brooding than Leatherface on a comedown, the whole album looks set to be a valuable thorn in the side of authority. The video was made by Si Haze. The release date is set for 27 October and you can pre-order now.