ILLAMAN & Pitch 92: Gods + LP Stream

A proper bars sesh here from ILLAMAN, with the release of the second video from his new album with Pitch 92. Gods sees the PENGSHUi frontman joining forces with his Problem Child team mates, Dubbledge and Dabbla, for a good old fashioned verbal knees up, which also serves as a reminder of how much chemistry the trio have on a track together. Gods is lifted from the new album, Sometimes Relax, which saw its release on Potent Funk last week. It’s an album that shows a more vulnerable edge to ILLAMAN’s writing, while also maintaining the same lyrical strengths he’s displayed throughout his career. The pairing with Pitch turned out to be even better than expected, thanks to a perfectly matched energy between the booth and the boards. You can peruse the rest of the album below, with downloads etc available via Potent Funk.

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Dabbla & GhostTown: Wave

It’s been a good few years since we last heard from Dead Players and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would happily devour a new album from the trio. There’s been talk of a third installment but so far nothing has emerged. But we have had some glimmer of hope in the shape of a new video from two of the DP conglomerate, as Dabbla and GhostTown put their collective powers to work on Wave. It’s the type of music they both do best and so it’s no surprise that it turned out as well as it did, happily embracing Potent Funk’s self-proclaimed brand of hybrid rap shit. The video for Wave is out now, with stream and downloads available via the usual platforms.

Dabbla x alllone: Bad Tuesday (Stream)

After a particularly strong introduction to the Potent Funk roster, Austrian production team, alllone, return to the fore with their full debut, Bad Tuesday. The EP features five tracks that veer into the more alternative areas of rap, with Dabbla’s meticulous flows helping to keep the vibe alive, as well as a very welcome injection from Illaman on Mountain Goat. You can check out the full EP below, with downloads available direct from Potent Funk.

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Dabbla x alllone: AdeptĀ 

Fresh music from the Potent Funk family, with the arrival of new additions, alllone. The Austrian production duo make their label debut with the assistance of PF veteran, Dabbla, who is the main collaborator on their upcoming EP. Adept is the first single and is the perfect fit for a label that has championed the hybrid rap sound over the years. Looking forward to hearing what the remainder of the EP has in store. Bad Tuesday is out in full on 22 November.

Dabbla x Illaman x GEAR x Benofficial: Main Man Syndrome

From UK to US as Potent Funk flex their collective talent on this latest single. Main Man Syndrome features spoken bullets from Dabbla, Illaman, GEAR and Benofficial, as well as some perfectly matched musical accompaniment from Forest DLG. It’s an illuminating collaboration and the video also gives you the opportunity to see Dabbla getting tattooed on a bus. Say no more.

Dolenz: Howzer + EP Stream

Fresh out of the Potent Funk stable, comes this new EP from London-based producer, Dolenz. You can check out an instrumental cut from the project above, and then below you can explore the remaining tracks, which include features from Dabbla and Black Josh. The cuts come courtesy of Matt Frost. Downloads and physicals are available via Potent Funk. Continue reading “Dolenz: Howzer + EP Stream”

Problem Child: Me

A new drop for an old track here, as Potent Funk dust off one of their most cherished releases in the form of Problem Child’s 730 EP. The EP was recently given the remastering treatment and released back into a world very much in need of its anarchic energy and zero bullshit pedigree. For those unfamiliar, Problem Child was originally made up of Dabbla, Dubbledge and Sumgii, before Illaman joined their ranks not long after. They still exist under the updated moniker, Still A Problem, and I think we are due some new music soon, which would help explain the rejuvenated EP we’ve been blessed with. Check out the video for Me above and then head here to check the rest of the project.

Dabbla x Sumgii: Out My Way

Fresh visual stimulation from the Potent Funk family, as Dabbla and Sumgii reveal the latest video from their recent Nobody LP. Once again, it’s This & That Media who are the brains behind the video, which features cameos from a selection of perhaps familiar faces, including Jester Jacobs and Alenee Aisha. Nobody is out now on all the usual platforms, with physicals available via Potent Funk.