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Check out the next offering from Jam Baxter’s latest album, which has further established him as one of the nation’s most innovative MCs. And with good reason. It’s always going to be hard to follow an album that was lauded as much as So We Ate Them Whole, but he and Chemo have managed to pull it off. Read the rest of this entry »

DJ Frosty is probably best known for his longstanding allegiance with the LDZ gang, but more recently he has come to the fore thanks to his role in the new Chapsville project, alongside Dabbla. I had a quick chat with him about his early days, the birth of LDZ, crate digging and supporting Rag N Bone Man. Read the rest of this entry »

Big tune from Dabbla, as he celebrates the release of his new Chapsville project with DJ Frosty. Arcane is produced by Elliot Yorke aka Metropolis from Foreign Beggars. Chapsville is available to buy here.

The latest track from Dabbla’s forthcoming Chapsville project is here. This time production is handled by fellow LDZ badman, Sumgii. The full release is due out very soon on High Focus Records.

Peep the latest leak from Dabbla and Frost’s upcoming Chapsville project. Uh Huh is produced by Chemo and the video was made by Obese Aesthetics. Chapsville is due out soon on High Focus; more news on that later.

Bars everywhere in the latest Brapp HD video, with Problem Child bringing their trademark madness to the screen. Dabbla, Dubbeldge and Illaman go back to back over a strong, stripped back beat from Sumgii.

Brand new video from Dabbla and the first leak from his upcoming Chapsville project. Sitting somewhere between a mixtape and an album, it sounds like it’s going to help continue the good vibes that Year of the Monkey brought with it last year. Cardio is produced by Don Piper. Stay tuned for more news on Chapsville coming soon.


Rag’n’Bone Man is one of those rare artists who has managed to make the leap from underground to mainstream, without losing any of their integrity. I was lucky enough to to chat with him recently about his early influences, staying grounded and his recurring themes of death and mortality, among other things. The interview took place at the Cypher Lounge at the Windmill in Brixton. Read the rest of this entry »

One of my favourite songs from the excellent Dabbla LP just got its own video and what a video it is too. Made by the clever folks over at Obese Aesthetics and featuring a hook from the people’s favourite, Graziella, Psychoville is an audio visual treat. Year of the Monkey is out now on High Focus.


For the past few years Illaman has been making waves in UK hip hop and beyond, largely thanks to his hype fuelled live shows and his involvement with Problem Child, alongside Dubbledge, Dabbla and Sumgii. I got the chance to speak with him at the UK Beatbox Championships last month and we chatted about his journey from metal to rap, his most memorable moments and the plans for his solo album, among many other things. Read the rest of this entry »