Corners: Corners LP

A great debut from a great group of established MCs, who have come together to form something of a UK supergroup. Beit Nun, Benny Diction and Deeflux have all been familiar names on the scene for years and have made some classic tracks as their own entities, but Corners may be their best work yet, as the combined power of the three creates something a little bit special.
Drafting in production from the likes of UK vet Beat Butcha, Krang and Downstroke has given them the ideal base to put together 14 full length tracks, with all three MCs seemingly feeding off each other’s hunger on the mic and raising their collective game to new heights.
There are a few guest spots on the album, most notably on Perfect 10 which features no less than Jester Jacobs, eMCee Killa, Gee Bag, Oliver Sudden, MNSR Frites, Cheech and Louis Cypher, who help produce one of the tighter posse cuts of recent years. There is also an appearance from Dan Bull on the previously released single, Hidden.
All these aspects, combined with the top drawer lyricism supplied by the stars of the album, make Corners a legitimate force to be reckoned with and pushes their LP into the realms of Album of the Year.
The album is out now on CD, digital download and a limited run of vinyl, all of which can be sourced over on Bandcamp.

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