Moose Funk Squad: 2One + EP Stream

Good to see the return of Moose Funk Squad, as they reunite for an unsurprisingly solid EP. National Geographic Shit continues in the same vaguely irreverent vein that has been a theme through all their projects, while still upheld by thoroughly engrossing raps and equally enticing production, the latter of which comes from Luca Brazi. An enjoyable listen overall and a much welcome breath of less serious air. You can check the video for 2One above, while the rest of the EP is available to explore below. Downloads are available via Broke Records.

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Dabbla x Sumgii: Out My Way

Fresh visual stimulation from the Potent Funk family, as Dabbla and Sumgii reveal the latest video from their recent Nobody LP. Once again, it’s This & That Media who are the brains behind the video, which features cameos from a selection of perhaps familiar faces, including Jester Jacobs and Alenee Aisha. Nobody is out now on all the usual platforms, with physicals available via Potent Funk.

Premiere – Jester Jacobs x Formz: Get Your Shit Together

On this fine Sunday afternoon, I am very pleased to bring you the first showing of the brand new video from Jester Jacobs and Formz. They released a tasty little EP last year, as a sort of amuse bouche for the album they’ve been working on together, which managed to deliver the perfect blend of comedy and hip hop. Get Your Shit Together is a perfect example of that formula, with Jacobs dropping some knowledge about that most rap related topic of all, admin, while Formz’s piano laced production provides the ideal backdrop. You can watch the video above and the State Of The Art EP is available now via Bandcamp.

Jester Jacobs x FORMZ: Bad Bitches

A new video for one of my favourite cuts from the Jester Jacobs and FORMZ EP, which saw its release last year. The tongue-in-cheek track takes a swipe at the misogyny which has long been one of hip hop’s dirty habits. It’s accompanied by a pretty wild animated video too, courtesy of Poppy Hillstead, which features a tower of cocks, cars and boobs, among other visual oddities. The State Of The Art EP is out now. Continue reading “Jester Jacobs x FORMZ: Bad Bitches”

Jester Jacobs x Formz: State Of The Art (Stream)

I am very pleased to announce the arrival of new music from Jester Jacobs, the first material we’ve heard from him since he turned his focus towards his increasingly successful stand-up career. I think the last project that surfaced, was his Truffle Barons collaboration with Luca Brazi, back in 2016, until today and the release of his latest EP.

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Corners: Corners LP

A great debut from a great group of established MCs, who have come together to form something of a UK supergroup. Beit Nun, Benny Diction and Deeflux have all been familiar names on the scene for years and have made some classic tracks as their own entities, but Corners may be their best work yet, as the combined power of the three creates something a little bit special. Continue reading “Corners: Corners LP”

Luca Brazi X Joe Represci ft. Benny Diction: Organ Failure

Moose Funk Squad representatives Luca Brazi and Joe Represci (aka Jester Jacobs) have gone and made an album together. Entitled the Truffle Barons LP, this is quality rap with a good understanding of not taking yourself too seriously. This video features friend and frequent collaborator Benny Diction. Check the video, then check the LP over at Broke Records.

Moose Funk Squad: Getting Paper

Yet more new music from the Moose, as they drop their second EP in as many weeks: Hoof Prints Vol. 2. This time the release is produced in its entirety by arguably the UK’s best coiffured producer, Pte Cannon. The track is great and is made even greater by the excellent video by Cowboy Tactics. Good shit. The EP is available to download over at Bandcamp.

Moose Funk Squad: Hoof Prints Vol​.​1

New music from one of the best named crews out here, as Moose Funk Squad drop Hoof Prints Vol​.​1. This is their second release, following on from the very popular Moose Funk Vol.1 and is produced in its entirety by P739. It is available to download now over at the Broke Records Bandcamp.