eMCee Killa ft. Amy True: My Last Life

Meditative bars here from eMCee Killa, as he delivers the first video from his latest album. Caxton Press reunion vibes abound, thanks to a typically tight guest spot from Amy True, and the production comes courtesy of Think, who is at the helm for the whole album. The video was made by Jack Diggs. Foreign Ties is available to stream in full below, with downloads over on Bandcamp.

Manage: The Scrapbook (Stream)

New release from Manage, as he unveils The Scrapbook LP. The project is Manage’s first fully self-produced venture, adding further weight to his reputation as one of the more accomplished artists on these shores. It’s an album of reflection, with Manage dissecting various issues in his life, past and present. One solo feature from eMCee Killa, which is bound to evoke happy memories for Caxton Press fans. The whole album is available to stream below and you can grab a download via Revorg Records. Continue reading “Manage: The Scrapbook (Stream)”

Corners: Corners LP

A great debut from a great group of established MCs, who have come together to form something of a UK supergroup. Beit Nun, Benny Diction and Deeflux have all been familiar names on the scene for years and have made some classic tracks as their own entities, but Corners may be their best work yet, as the combined power of the three creates something a little bit special. Continue reading “Corners: Corners LP”