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More Manchester music for your eyes and ears, courtesy of The Bluntskins and their new lucha libre-inspired video. When The Rain Goes is produced by Pro P, with vocals from Bill Sykes, Cheech and Martin Connor. Downloads are available via Bandcamp.

A new video from The Bluntskins emerged over the weekend, taken from their 2016 offering, Return of the Blunts. The video was filmed over several trips to their home from home, Amsterdam. The album is still available via Bandcamp.

More heat from Manny as Dubbul O, Cheech and Cutterz join forces on Never Grow Old. The track is available to stream and download via Room2 Records.

Interstellar vibes on the new collaboration between MCR’s Mothership Connection and Cutterz, as a quartet of MCs – Cheech, Dubbul O, Goshin & Legion – embark on a mission of hope and weed to planet KC-137. The track is taken from an as yet unnamed EP, which is on its way shortly on Room2 Records. In the meantime you can download KC-137 here.

Manchester collective Mothership Connection are back with a new EP and this new video to accompany it. Salute is produced by Mankub and is one of four gems on the EP, which you can stream below. The video above was made by Andy Jackson & Joe Vickers. Downloads for This Train Goes to Junkleberry Junction can be found here. Read the rest of this entry »

Cheech, Dubbul O and Reklews have made a project together and very good it is too. Inspired by the two MCs love of all things WWE, the album is based around the Acolytes Protection Agency and features numerous references to the sports entertainment franchise that has gripped so many for so long. Gore is your first taste and a good benchmark for what is to follow. No release date as yet, but word is it won’t be too far off.

The Bluntskins return to their spiritual home of Amsterdam, in this new video for Up High. The track is the latest to be lifted from the most recent album, The Bluntskins III – Return of the Blunts, which is available to download here.

A great debut from a great group of established MCs, who have come together to form something of a UK supergroup. Beit Nun, Benny Diction and Deeflux have all been familiar names on the scene for years and have made some classic tracks as their own entities, but Corners may be their best work yet, as the combined power of the three creates something a little bit special. Read the rest of this entry »

Here is the latest video from the Cheech and Pro P, Diá Des Muertos album, which came out last October. Time To Smoke is a fairly self-explanatory title, so you get no points for guessing the subject matter.
Cheech has a project with Dubbul O and Reklews on the way soon as well, which is sounding really good. More news on that later. The Diá Des Muertos album is available to download here.

In case you missed it last year, here is a good reminder of why you need the Cheech & Pro P album in your life. Diá Des Muertos is out now, over on The Bluntskins Bandcamp.