DJ Yoda: Home Cooking (Stream)

I have just spent a bit of time digesting the new album from DJ Yoda and I am happy to report that it is another win for the Cut and Paste legend. Last year we were treated to the album’s first single, London Fields, featuring Joel Culpepper, which was a very obvious yet successful departure from Yoda’s previous material. The rest of Home Cooking continues in the same vein, with production levels at such a high standard, you end up feeling like this might have been Yoda’s calling all along. Jazz is one the album’s biggest influences, with current UK luminaries like Nubya Garcia, Henry Wu and Theon Cross all bringing their respective talents into the mix, plus some smooth vocal stimulation from Omar, Eva Lazarus and Scarface Manolo. Hip hop gets some stellar representation too, thanks to tracks with Edo. G, Jungle Brothers and a solo effort from Baby Bam. You can stream Home Cooking in full below, plus there are physicals and merch available over on Bandcamp. Also if you didn’t know already, I recently interviewed DJ Yoda about a number of things including the new album. It’s available to read now over on Grown Up Rap.

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