Premiere – Duncecap: Now (I Was Taught Not to Complain) + EP News

I’m very pleased to be able to bring you the premiere of the brand new video from Brooklyn rapper, Duncecap, as he delivers his latest EP. It follows on from the beautiful melancholy opus, Miserable Now, which was released last year and marked Dunce’s Backwoodz Studioz debut, with ELUCUD handling full production. This latest EP, Genuinely Sad Songs, is part of the same trilogy as its predecessor and 2014’s Generally Sad Songs, as you may notice from the recurring ostrich themes within the artwork. Lyrically the EP was written at a time in Dunce’s life when work and money priorities were different, and self-worth was something almost impossible to gauge, but it also led to personal growth and some poignant writing which I think sits perfectly within the series. Dying Stars is the brains behind the beat on Now, as well as a few more tracks on the EP, with the remainder handled by Blastmaster Baker and AM Breakups. It’s arguably a more accessible sound, compared to Miserable Then, which only adds to its strengths as a prequel. The video was made by Dunce’s friend, George Douglas Peterson, who combined VHS tape and a dawn stroll to great effect. You can watch the video for Now (I Was Taught Not to Complain) above and the full EP can be heard below, with further streaming/download options also available.

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