ExP: RemarkableUnremarkable

To paraphrase Lunar C in his 2013 interview with Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM, there are a lot of rappers trying to make conscious hip-hop in the UK – but more often than not it just sounds like someone moaning.
Thankfully fellow Yorkshire rapper ExP’s debut release RemarkableUnremarkable manages to not fall under the remit of this statement. The hip-hop here is intelligent, fun, honest, and relatable – all without making you reach for a toaster while you run the bath. Continue reading “ExP: RemarkableUnremarkable”

HashFinger: Interview

Bradford producer, HashFinger, has been putting out quality instrumental projects for a good few years now and is arguably one of the country’s most prolific artists. He has become a favourite among fans and peers alike, thanks to the largely sample-based beats he creates. I caught up with him for a chat about crate digging, taking his music to Israel and his plans for future projects, among other things. Continue reading “HashFinger: Interview”