Jam Baxter X Lee Scott X Trellion: Mansion 38


Something special for your ears as the collaboration between Lee Scott, Jam Baxter, Trellion and Chemo finally emerges. Mansion 38 was made while the trio of MCs were out in Thailand, where Chemo is now a permanent resident. Continue reading “Jam Baxter X Lee Scott X Trellion: Mansion 38”

Third Person Lurkin: The Flotation Devices

One of the more enigmatic artists in UK hip hop, Third Person Lurkin, just dropped a new instrumental project. This is his first release since The Glide by Night LP in 2013, marking a welcome return for the producer who is perhaps best known for his work with cult MCs Trellion and Figment. Continue reading “Third Person Lurkin: The Flotation Devices”

Cult Mountain 2


It’s been about 15 months since the first Cult Mountain project was released. Combining the vocal forces of Lee Scott, Milkavelli and Trellion, with the stripped down electronic glitchy wonder of Sumgii’s beats, the Cult garnered praise from critics and fans, even getting a co-sign from the mighty Alchemist. The second project was announced a while ago, but as with most things in UK hip hop it took a long time for the release to reach fruition. Continue reading “Cult Mountain 2”

Cult Mountain: SMFDB

Got three big videos to show you tonight and I will start with the first helping of visual goodness from Cult Mountain. For those not in the know, Cult Mountain is the troubled brainchild of Lee Scott, Trellion, Milkavelli and Sumgii. The project was released in full yesterday, on a limited run of cassette and vinyl, as well as digital downloads. More information here.