Anna Lisa: Unfollowed EP (Stream)

Credit: Emma Blake Morsi (@blakemorsi)

The debut EP from Bristol-based vocalist, Anna Lisa, was given life this week. If you’re unfamiliar with her music, she manages to combine a haunting vocal style with electronic, sometimes trap-heavy beats, which create a very immersive and atmospheric sound. Unfollowed was premiered this week by Nitelife Magazine and you can now hear the full thing below. It was co-written and produced with MUSSI. Keep an eye on Anna Lisa’s socials (@annalisa_uk) because I know she’s got a lot more to come. Continue reading “Anna Lisa: Unfollowed EP (Stream)”

Jasi: Cruel World (Stream)

My hometown is a renowned birthplace for refreshing musical ventures, which is exactly what Jasi has tapped into with his latest release. You may remember me premiering one of his videos earlier in the year and now he returns with a brand new EP. The Cruel World EP is six tracks deep, with each chapter giving a fine insight into Jasi’s adventurous approach to his craft, as he blends rap with other vocal elements. It’s definitely more of a commercially viable record, which might put some listeners off, but beyond those hallmarks this is still a project brimming with sense and soul. You can hear the EP in full below and downloads can be found over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Jasi: Cruel World (Stream)”

Anna Lisa: Courage

Anna Lisa is a vocalist from Bristol who brings haunting melodies to trap heavy beats. She’s still in the infancy of her career, but she definitely possesses the necessary skills to make a name for herself in the UK and beyond. Courage is her most recent single and serves as a fine introduction to her approach to music. The track is produced by regular collaborator, MUSSI and the video was made by Cineview Productions.

Gus Stash: Barely Soba (Stream)

New solo release from Gus Stash, as he delivers his Barely Soba EP. The Aristocrats MC has been fully focused on all things music over recent months, not only pouring all his efforts into making music with his crew, but also setting up a studio in Bristol in memory of his friend, Tom Hockney, who passed away around this time last year.
This project is the result of that new found focus and is a worthy addition to the city’s exceptionally strong scene. There are a couple of features from Sylla B and Eli Jay, plus production from Vern Akula, Sour Phree and Circa. The EP is available to stream below and downloads can be copped over on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Gus Stash: Barely Soba (Stream)”

Olivia Rose: Roses EP (Stream)

A few months ago I was at the Bristol Harbourside Festival and one of the stages was focusing on young artists within the city. There was a hell of a lot of talent on display that day, but one of the acts that really caught my eye was a young female vocalist called Olivia rose. I think the main thing that piqued my interest was that she was singing over trap beats, something that is still quite a unique sound on the UK scene – with the exception of acts like IAMDDB who have turned it into a lucrative formula. Today saw the release of Olivia’s new EP and is a good showcase for her vocal talent, as well as a good indicator of how far she will be able to take her music as her career and confidence continue to grow. You can stream the Roses EP below and you can also grab a download over on iTunes. Continue reading “Olivia Rose: Roses EP (Stream)”


Provocative imagery in the latest video from MCR star, IAMDDB. Oooo is the latest to be lifted from last year’s Hoodrich Vol. 3 and continues in the same trap style she switched onto after her first few releases. Personally I think it would be good to hear her mix it up a bit on the next project cos I was a big fan of tracks like Doobies and Ur Highness, but there is no denying she is onto a winning formula right now.