Zilla Rocca: 96 Mentality (Stream)

As reported the other day, Zilla Rocca returned to the fore last week with a new project and I am pleased to report that it is a worthy addition to his already exceedingly robust repertoire. He is a true student of the culture and 96 Mentality embodies everything that comes with that title. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: 96 Mentality (Stream)”

Zilla Rocca: Hard Boiled EP (Stream)

New noir hop heaters from Zilla Rocca, as he provides a little something to tide us over until his Future Former Rapper album drops. Hard Boiled is a seven track selection, all with that “snubnose pressed to the back feel to them”, as the man himself explained. Two features from Henry Canyons and Nex Millen, with production coming from The Expert, Messiah Musik, Newstalgia and Zilla. You can stream the EP below, with downloads available via Three Dollar Pistol Music. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: Hard Boiled EP (Stream)”

Zilla Rocca: ’99 Triple 5 Soul Flow

Fresh Philly flavour, with a retro feel, as Zilla Rocca takes it back once again with ’99 Triple 5 Soul Flow. This is the follow-up to last year’s ’98 Avirex Flow and both are precursors for ’96 Mentality, which is one of a number of releases that the Noir Hop MC is blessing us with in 2018. ’99 Triple 5 Soul Flow is produced by Disco Vietnam and is available to stream below. You can also grab a download over on the Three Dollar Pistol Music Bandcamp. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: ’99 Triple 5 Soul Flow”

Zilla Rocca & Small Pro: Least Important Most Important

My homie Zilla Rocca has an album coming out soon with his friend and frequent collaborator Small Pro and this week they released a video from the project. No surprises it’s dope as fuck.
Going by the name Career Crooks, the duo have used a Don Draper quote as the inspiration for this track: “We’re going to sit at our desks and keep typing while the walls fall down around us because we’re creative – the least important, most important thing there is”. The album is due out early next year; more news on that soon.

Zilla Rocca & The Shadow Boxers ft. Geechi Suede: Chi-Town Drumroll (Remix)

Following on from the excellent interview with Zilla Rocca I posted yesterday, thought it only right to hit you with another one of his remixes.
This time it’s for the 2014 track Chi-Town Drumroll, which was originally included on the No Vacation For Murder LP and features none other than Camp-Lo legend, Geechi Suede. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca & The Shadow Boxers ft. Geechi Suede: Chi-Town Drumroll (Remix)”

Zilla Rocca: Interview


Zilla Rocca has been steadily producing solid rap records for a decade and is the man behind the original Noir Hop sound. I got the chance to chat to him about rap, the Golden Era and Buddhism, among other things. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: Interview”

Zilla Rocca x Small Professor: Sin Will Find You – The Collected Works

The Wrecking Crew’s Zilla Rocca and Small Professor have been collaborating over the best part of a decade, featuring on a number of releases from Wu-Tang Pulp to the Party With Villains EP. Now they have put their combined forces together so you can find all their dusty gems in one handy spot.
Sin Will Find You is a compilation of 18 tracks from the duo, featuring a lot of the usual suspects, Has-Lo, Curly Castro and Elucid, to name a few. The release is available from Bandcamp now and its name your price if you’re feeling generous.

ZR vs. QB: Zilla Rocca Remixes the Best of The Bridge

zillaCan’t fault the new project Zilla Rocca has released, as he takes on some of the best rap to come out of the Queensbridge area and gives them all the remix treatment. As a founder/pioneer of noir hop, you know what to expect from these tracks and I am happy to say there is not a single note of disappointment on there. Continue reading “ZR vs. QB: Zilla Rocca Remixes the Best of The Bridge”

Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers ft. Has-Lo: Shoot the Piano Player

You would be wise to check out the latest video from Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers, which was released earlier this week. Taken from the excellent No Vacation For Murder LP and featuring the perennially on-point Has-Lo, Shoot the Piano Player is done in typical noir hop fashion. The video was made by Glass Canon.