They Hate Change: X-Ray Spex

Another album that you should all be exploring, is the latest from They Hate Change. The Tampa duo were raised on a diet of distinctly British beats, the sounds of which echo throughout their Finally, New LP. X-Ray Spex is a fine example of this cultural exchange, as their southern flows manoeuvre perfectly along the frantic drum lines of the DnB tinted production. Good shit indeed. Finally, New is out now on Jagjaguwar.

They Hate Change: Faux Leather

A fresh cut from They Hate Change, which also stands as their debut release on noted label, Jagjaguwar. The Tampa duo announced the news yesterday and it seems like a positive move for all concerned. Faux Leather is a prime example of why the label were keen to get them on board, as they continue to deliver their brand of infectious and eclectically influenced rap. You can check out the accompanying video above, with streams and downloads also available.

They Hate Change: 666 Central Ave. (Stream)

New raps from L.A. duo, They Hate Change, continuing their run of solid releases. 666 Central Ave. is a perfect blend of on-point flows, engaging lyricism and bursts of hardcore/jungle/DnB, which cry out to be blasted loud. I find it impossible not to enjoy They Hate Change projects and this latest is a prime demonstration of why. You can hear it for yourself below, with downloads available via Godmode. Continue reading “They Hate Change: 666 Central Ave. (Stream)”