Felt: Felt 4 U (Stream)

Following on from the surprise arrival of their first single in 11 years, now Felt are back with a whole new album. Felt 4 U is Murs and Slug’s first full-length project since the release of Felt 3 back in 2009, and on it we find the duo reuniting with arguably the most favoured producer from their earlier offerings – Ant. He’s cooked up a batch of beats which draw on his trademarks influences – funk, blues, country – resulting in an album where Ant is very much the driving force, representing a shift in the dynamic from their previous projects. Some superb guest spots too, with Blimes bringing her vocal excellence to the mix, as well as appearances from Felt 1 and 3 producers, The Grouch and Aesop Rock respectively. And finally a feature from Blueprint, but under his singing alias – Shepard Albertson. The whole album is a welcome surprise for fans and critics alike, judging by the initial reaction, and it also serves as a fitting next chapter in the duo’s journey. You can listen to the album in full below and physicals are available via Rhymesayers. Continue reading “Felt: Felt 4 U (Stream)”

Eligh: Last House on the Block (Stream)

L.A. son and Living Legend, Eligh, has returned with a new album, something like his 19th solo project since he first dropped As They Pass back in 1996. Last House on the Block delivers 18 tracks, with some typically strong features from the likes of R.A. The Rugged Man, The Grouch, Zion I and Evidence, who is also responsible for the excellent cover photo. Of the title, Eligh said on Twitter that it is “a metaphor used in the rooms of recovery for as long as I’ve been clean, also a metaphor used by me to describe this planet, and us as residents”.
You can watch the latest video from the album below, for Pain on the Break featuring The Grouch and you can also stream the album. Last House on the Block is out now on EMPIRE. Continue reading “Eligh: Last House on the Block (Stream)”