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Sudan Archives has blessed us with a new video to coincide with the release of her latest EP. The audio for Nont For Sale surfaced last month, with Sudan drawing inspiration from a banner she found in Ghana that read, “THIS LAND IS NONT 4 SALE”. The Sink EP is out now on Stones Throw.

Sudan Archives returns with more captivating sounds, as she prepares to release her second EP, Sink. The title for the song was inspired by a banner that Sudan found in Ghana, which said “THIS LAND IS NONT 4 SALE”. The EP is due out on Stones Throw on 25 May.

Stones Throw long ago transcended the boundaries of being a hip hop label and now their roster boasts an alarming amount of talent, from a wealth of genres and styles. Take their latest signing, singer and violinist, Sudan Archives. The 23 year old Ohio resident is forging her own unique path, in a industry that is increasingly saturated with trite soundalikes and cliched repetitions. She is also self-taught on the violin – which is impressive in itself – having been inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, among other musicians. Her first single is a sublime number and gives you a first class idea of what she is all about. Haunting self-harmonies and glitchy electro backing, all laced with her fiddle and all produced by her as well. Sudan has an EP due out next month, so watch out for more news on that coming soon. Read the rest of this entry »