Madison Washington: Plantation Earth​ / ​Divine Frankensteins

A double hitter from Madison Washington, as they bless us with two new videos. Plantation Earth (above) sees the duo hooking up with international collective, The Abolitionists, while on Divine Frankensteins (below) they are joined by spoken word artist, Nicole Goodwin. The latter is lifted from Mad Wash’s recent (((((FACTS))))) album, which is available via Bandcamp along with their other releases. Continue reading “Madison Washington: Plantation Earth​ / ​Divine Frankensteins”

Pan Amsterdam: The Lotion Song

Another day, another strangely brilliant track from Pan Amsterdam as he gears up to unleash his debut album, The Pocket Watch. The Lotion Song is packed full of the same lyrical oddities that are going to fast become the MO for the NY artist, as well as the cause of much of his appeal. Once again its thatmanmonkz on the beat and once again the pairing is perfect, making it very hard for anyone who has been a fan of both songs not to be fascinated by what the full project will have to offer. You can stream The Lotion Song below and keep an eye out for the LP coming soon. Continue reading “Pan Amsterdam: The Lotion Song”

Keisha Plum ft. Eskay Home: HOME

Great track from Keisha Plum, which premiered earlier in the week over at Mass Appeal. Keisha is the spoken word style MC who keeps cropping up on Westside Gunn tracks, like Easter Gunday and Flyy. According to Mass Appeal, Keisha grew up in Buffalo, but reconnected with the Griselda family in Atlanta, where she now lives. She has an album on the way and Home is the first taste. It features a nice verse from Eskay Home and it was produced by Cas1. You can stream it below. More news on the album soon. Continue reading “Keisha Plum ft. Eskay Home: HOME”

Mind Over Matter

I’ve had my fair share of mental health problems over the years and still have issues with certain things. I also know how hard it is to ask for help. Loads has been done over the past few years, to help break down the various stigma that are associated with MH issues.
Organisations like Rethink and Time to Change have worked tirelessly to try to change the perceptions of not just the general public, but also the ones suffering. Mind are another organisation who have been fighting the good fight for years and have actually helped me personally on a number of occasions. That’s why I was so happy to see that a night had been organised with the aim of continuing to raise awareness about mental health issues and also getting some much needed cash into Mind’s coffers. Continue reading “Mind Over Matter”