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Bristol MC, Upfront, is hitting us with a new album shortly, the follow-up to his Upfront & Personal LP from 2014. The Split Prophet member has obviously been putting in the work in the meantime, as is demonstrated on the first single from the project, Contagious. The track is produced by fellow Bristol artist, Chris Lucas (Arun Productions), with cuts from DJ Rogue and a wicked video from Parallel Media.

One of the more anticipated UK rap albums of the last few years is finally ready to make its entrance. Datkid’s Teeth Ledger album has been brewing for a while and now at last we have the first video. Honey I’m Home is produced by Baileys Brown, who handles all the beats on the album. The video was shot by This & That Media. No news on an exact release date yet, but stay tuned for more info coming soon.

Brand new video from Split Prophets, lifted from last year’s ever dope Delta Bravo Kilo album. Roadhouse is produced by Badhabitz. The video was shot by Dfacer and the graff comes courtesy of Sace Gold. DBK is available now over on Bandcamp.

Big tune from the Dutch Mob boys as they celebrate the release of their long awaited Passport EP, with this slick new video for One Percent. Featuring Boston rap veteran, Ed O.G, One Percent is produced by Illinformed, with Chris Lucas (Arun Productions) behind the camera. It’s good to finally see the EP reach the masses. I know how much work has gone into it and they have taken their time to make sure everything was on point. It’s worked a treat. Read the rest of this entry »

Pleased to see the arrival of the fifth video from Dutch Mob and also the announcement of a release date for their long awaited passport EP. It’s a solo effort from Mistafire on Rolls Canardly, in which he tears the mic a new one with a blistering flow. Wicked beat from Illinformed and a great video too, courtesy of This & That Media. Read the rest of this entry »

Bristol out in full force on the new track from Dutch Mob. Mistafire & Res One enlist Jman and Datkid to bring extra heat to this already scolding beat from Illinformed. The Passport EP is due out soon, more news on that later.

Brand new from the Bristol duo comes Lift Music. Produced by fellow Split Prophet, Badhabitz, the track sees Res and Mistafire getting rowdy around the city. The Passport EP is out soon.

More freshness from Bristol as Split Prophets member Flying Monk gears up to drop his solo project. R.O.T.F. is produced by fellow Bristol don Baileys Brown, features a guest spot from Axel Holy (a familiar face, if you don’t recognise the name) and will be included on Monk’s forthcoming Twisted Circles release.

Big bars from Bil Next in the latest Word Up! session from This & That Media. It’s a good run they’ve done so far; long may it continue.

Dutch Mob – aka Res One & Mistafire – recently took a trip to NY and filmed this video, among other things. I have an interview with the duo coming to the blog this week, but in the meantime make the most of their second single, Bin Juice. Illinformed on the beat again, This & That Media behind the lens.