Pete Rock Interview

Pete Rock

Interview originally took place in June 2011

I’ve heard a lot of different answers to this question, but what do you think was the most important year for hip hop as a whole?

The biggest year in hip hop was 1992, without a doubt. 1992 all the way up until ’99 and then when 2000 came, it all changed.

Okay and what, for you, made that the most important year?

Well everything that was being made was so original and never heard before, but you know, with that being said, that’s what hip hop is supposed to be all about: originality and just things that people have not heard other people doing. And then with the radio and the way radio plays music for political reasons, not necessarily caring for the community. You know sometimes they do, you got younger fans who listen to today’s music, but my thing is to play everything; anything and everything that’s good and I kinda felt like the hip hop we were doing was so original, but it is just lacking that sound today. Continue reading “Pete Rock Interview”