Zilla Rocca: Anything I Touch I Bruise Vol. 2

Yet another weighty run of remixes from Zilla Rocca, as he lends his trademark noir sound to tracks from Small Pro, Guilty Simpson, Castle and B. Dolan, to name a few. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: Anything I Touch I Bruise Vol. 2”

Zilla Rocca: Interview


Zilla Rocca has been steadily producing solid rap records for a decade and is the man behind the original Noir Hop sound. I got the chance to chat to him about rap, the Golden Era and Buddhism, among other things. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: Interview”

Zilla Rocca x Small Professor: Sin Will Find You – The Collected Works

The Wrecking Crew’s Zilla Rocca and Small Professor have been collaborating over the best part of a decade, featuring on a number of releases from Wu-Tang Pulp to the Party With Villains EP. Now they have put their combined forces together so you can find all their dusty gems in one handy spot.
Sin Will Find You is a compilation of 18 tracks from the duo, featuring a lot of the usual suspects, Has-Lo, Curly Castro and Elucid, to name a few. The release is available from Bandcamp now and its name your price if you’re feeling generous.