slowthai & Kenny Beats: MAGIC

A fresh track from slowthai here as he capitalises on his recent trip to the US with a tasty Kenny Beats collaboration. Having already teased us with a snippet of the track last month on Instagram, now they have hit us with the full thing. And you’ll be pleased to hear it works well, with Kenny moving his production towards something more slowthai’s style, as opposed to the other way round, which might have ended up sounding very different and maybe would have fallen short. But MAGIC works well and makes me curious to know if they’ve got more coming. I guess we shall see. MAGIC is also available on streaming platforms.

Frosty: Crush (Stream)

As the temperature starts to drop and the evenings get darker, it’s best to have a good source of heat at hand to stave off the winter woes. Thankfully Frosty just released his new mixtape and it’s packed full of enough flames to melt what little is left of the Arctic.

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slowthai: Nothing Great About Britain

I have just come to the realisation that despite slowthai being one of the most exciting artists working in the UK right now and the fact that I have been bumping his music for the last few months, this is the first time he has appeared on my blog.
Not a bad place to start though, as yesterday saw the release of the video of the titular track from his forthcoming album, Nothing Great About Britain. While the title might sound anti-English – and will no doubt be labelled that way by certain media outlets – it is in fact an ode to the county that slowthai loves, but at the same time it’s the same country he has seen disintegrate in recent times thanks to toxic political agendas and divisive public figures.
The album is due for release on 17 May and you can find pre-orders for physicals, plus various bundles, over at his store.