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New joint from Black Josh & Sleazy as they reunite on Liquorwish. The track is produced by Morriarchi and you can stream it below. Read the rest of this entry »

New video for P.O.T.D., which is lifted from Sleazy F’s debut Blah release, All Blahk Tracksuit. The production comes courtesy of Baileys Brown.

Bisk is back with a bang as he prepares to take us all on a trip to Gutter City. The Swamp Harbour general has been steadily releasing solid project after solid project, laying waste to the idea that quality and quantity are mutually exclusive. Read the rest of this entry »

Check out the latest video from Sleazy F. Man’s been getting attention from the likes Complex and Noisey, which is quite an achievement for any UKHH rapper these days. Not hard to see why though. The track was produced by Deiago.

Trellion and Sniff link up with Manchester talent, Sleazy F for this new joint which came out last week. Sniff is also on production and the video was shot by Oliver Brian.

New video from cult member, Sleazy F, as he teams up with fellow Manchester resident and producer, Deiago.


I first heard Konny Kon on the Microdisiacs track Time You Knew, back in 2001. In fact him and Cappo were two of the first MCs I heard rapping with regional accents, which changed a lot for me. Since then I’ve seen him survive in a scene saturated with MCs, until he found a new direction a few years ago with Children of Zeus. I spoke with him about a few things, including the early days, how Children of Zeus came to be and why the Manchester scene is so strong. Read the rest of this entry »


A fresh track from the Sleazy one and Swamp Harbour resident Sam Zircon emerged last night. And very nice it sounds too. You can stream it below to hear for yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

The new Sleazy video premiered on Noisey last week, along with a little interview with the Blah star. 21 features fellow cult member Stinkin Slumrok, on a dirty, stripped down Wayne Ross beat. All Blahk Tracksuit is out now.


A few months ago I was asked in an interview which rappers to watch and two of my three answers came from the Blah camp. One of the names I put forward was Bisk, the Swamp Harbour MC who has been steadily releasing solid projects since February this year, when his debut EP dropped. Raw Shit was the name of the release, a perfect title to sum up Bisk’s style. Read the rest of this entry »