Serengeti: curse of the polo (Stream)

Bandcamp Friday always brings forth a burst of new releases, many of which I struggle to capture at the time, but luckily the latest from Serengeti is one of the ones that caught my ears. While shorter track lengths have become the norm over the last few years, I’m still a sucker for a song that lasts longer than 2 minutes, so this whole project is like heaven to me. It’s also got that DIY rough around the edges feel to it, which I’m also a fan of. And if you needed anything more to convince you, check the electro inspired track four joy of Mid North. You can hear the full project below and downloads are available via Bandcamp.
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Zilla Rocca: Future Former Rapper (Stream)

Good to see the long-awaited solo album from Zilla Rocca has finally been given life. Future Former Rapper is the culmination of a career which spans 13 years, all of them as a totally independent artist – which is no mean feat given how many fellow independents have been swallowed up or broken beyond repair during that same period.
The album is the perfect showcase for the talents that have kept Zilla afloat through those years and finds him accompanied by some of the artists that he has been associated with during that same time frame.
Guest spots are held by the likes of Armand Hammer, Serengeti and fellow Wrecking Crew representative, Curly Castro, as well as a bunch of high-end production credits from Steel Tipped Dove, Messiah Musik, Disco Vietnam and Small Pro. Future Former Rapper is ready to stream below, with downloads available via Bandcamp. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca: Future Former Rapper (Stream)”

Zilla Rocca ft. Serengeti & Sid Sutra: Enemy Stranger Friend

Wrecking Crew representative, Zilla Rocca, continues to build the hype for his long-awaited solo album, Future Former Rapper, with a brand new track lifted from the project. Enemy Stranger Friend features two notable appearances from Serengeti and Sid Sutra, with production from Steel Tipped Dove. Future Former Rapper is due for release on 9 November, on POW Recordings. Continue reading “Zilla Rocca ft. Serengeti & Sid Sutra: Enemy Stranger Friend”