Sa-Roc: Deliverance

One new album that has been confirmed, is the latest one from Sa-Roc. The announcement came yesterday that she would be releasing The Sharecropper’s Daughter on 2 October, along with the arrival of the lead single, Deliverance. The track is a perfect snapshot of Sa-Roc’s infectious style, with her flows drawing you into her intricately constructed verses, which gel perfectly with Evidence’s production. Her label-mate is also the brains behind the video, along with Ev’s regular collaborator, Stephen Vanasco. Pre-orders for the album are available now via Rhymesayers.

Sa-Roc: Hand of God

As the world waits patiently for the release of Sa-Roc’s long-awaited album, the Rhymesayers MC has released a new single to tide us over. Hand of God is another sublime display of Sa-Roc’s sharpened lyricism, which earns her a place as one of the most consistent MCs around. As usual, it’s Sol Messiah on the production and the video was made by Tommy Nova. Continue reading “Sa-Roc: Hand of God”

Sa-Roc: Goddess Gang

Another strong release from the Rhymesayers roster as Sa-Roc drops her latest video, Goddess Gang. The track is billed as the “ultimate squad anthem of 2018” and comes with a message that I for one am fully behind, whereby both the industry and listeners alike, need to start judging women by their skills on the mic, as opposed to their looks. The track is produced by Sa-Roc’s regular collaborator, Sol Messiah.

Sa-Roc: I Come In Peace

This week saw Sa-Roc drop the latest episode of her Wisdom Wednesdays series and it’s another ferocious attack on the wack. Yes the title is I Come In Peace, but the first line is “I don’t even know where to start, probably cuz I’m playing such a huge part in terminating rap professionals…”, so we know this is no rap game peace envoy. Tune in next week for the next instalment and long may they continue.