Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams Present… 400 Pound Porno Cyborg

For those of us who reside on this side of the Atlantic, it can be frustrating when we see gig after gig being advertised, knowing that we will most likely never reach any of them. Which is why videos like this bring me so much joy. Not that long ago, Fatboi Sharif took his infectious brand of rap to the streets, with a live performance in the middle of Washington Square Park in New York. The set features a number of gems from his collaboration with Roper Williams, which has quite rightly earned the duo the acclaim they deserve. The film is also peppered with clips that highlight how entertaining Sharif is beyond the confines his music; a showman in every sense. The deluxe edition of Gandhi Loves Children is available now via POW Recordings.

Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams: Tragic

Fatboi Sharif and Roper Williams return with another provocative video from their album, Gandhi Loves Children. This time it’s the opening cut on the album and features Sharif working his way through various tragedies and cataclysmic events, from aviation disasters to school shootings, like a twisted rap version of We Didn’t Start the Fire. The deluxe edition of GLC is out now via POW Recordings.

Gabe ‘Nandez ft. ELUCID: Coupé Décalé

Gabe ‘Nandez continues to build the anticipation for his forthcoming album, with the release of another strong single. Coupé Décalé sees the NY rapper teaming up with another monumental voice from the boroughs, ELUCID, as they both deliver their verses over some typically compulsive Roper Williams production. Seven is due for release on 29 July via POW Recordings.

Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams: Gandhi Loves Children (Deluxe)

The warped world we were ushered into by Fatboi Sharif and Roper Williams, just got that little bit more twisted, thanks to the arrival of the deluxe edition of Gandhi Loves Children. The expanded version boasts three brand new tracks, which successfully maintain the deranged delirium many of us were whipped into after our earlier introduction. These include the new closer, Angels & Demons, which counterpoints Williams’ soulful loop with Sharif’s distorted vocals, and the drug-laced dirge of Prescription. The deluxe edition is out now via POW Recordings and is available from all the usual streaming spots.

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Gabe ‘Nandez: Osiris

Occasionally I sleep on rappers, which is fine as long as I wake up eventually. Case in point – Gabe Nandez and his single, Osiris, which is paving the way for his upcoming album release. My critical analysis for most new rappers I come across, usually stretches to two questions: Can they rap well and do they sound good when they do it? The answer to both of these is a resounding yes in Nandez’s case and so I look forward to hearing what his album brings forth. The production on Osiris comes courtesy of Roper Williams and Tony Seltzer. Seven is due for release on POW Recordings next month.

Fatboi Sharif & Roper Williams ft. YL: Fly Pelican

Fatboi Sharif and Roper Williams prove that variety really is the spice of life, as they deliver their next video, which stands out as a veritable summer jam when compared to the demonic growl of Stigmata. Soulful loops and street corner raps, plus a nice feature YL – what more could you ask for? Fly Pelican is taken from the duo’s album, Gandhi Loves Children, which is getting a deluxe release on 1 July via POW Recordings.

Your Old Droog ft. Aesop Rock & Elzhi: Field Of Dreams

Your Old Droog released a new album yesterday, continuing a run that has seen the release of seven projects since 2019. Arguably the track on Time that has people most excited is an MF DOOM collaboration with production from Edan, but the track that really caught my ear is Field Of Dreams, which features guest spots from two of my favourites – Aesop Rock and Elzhi. The production is handled by Roper Williams, who was the brains behind the Gandhi Loves Children album, alongside Fatboi Sharif. You can hear the track below, then head to Droog’s website to find all the streaming and download links for the full album.

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