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The long awaited Babylon Dead album is finally given life today and to celebrate the release, JMan and Illinformed have released a brand new video for Empire. Where as previous tracks have put the police in BD’s sights, Empire opens fire on the EDLs and Britain Firsts of this green and pleasant land. The album itself is available to buy now from the RLD store.


Jman and Illinformed have served up the latest single from their eagerly awaited Babylon Dead album and it’s another killer. More menacing and brooding than Leatherface on a comedown, the whole album looks set to be a valuable thorn in the side of authority. The video was made by Si Haze. The release date is set for 27 October and you can pre-order now.

I’ve been waiting a long time for the Babylon Dead album to see life. Now the release date is fast approaching and we’ve got a new video to keep us fiendin’ for these last few weeks. The whole BD brand is fuelled by a deep rooted hatred for the police and the establishment in general, so it seems only right that this new joint is called ACAB. The album, 2000 B.D., is due out on RLD Records on 27 October and pre-orders are available here.

New music from the RLD camp as Eric the Red drops off his latest single. Who’s That Kid is produced by Illinformed. Downloads are available here.

Smellington Piff dropped a new track yesterday, backed up with this suitably purple video. Featuring fellow RLD MC, Sean Peng, Purple Trees is produced by Illinformed. Downloads available here.

Leaf Dog teases us with the intro from his imminent new album, Dyslexic Disciple, which is due out on High Focus some point soon. More details to follow.

Creatures of Habit dropped their debut album the other day and it’s looking to be another solid release from the RLD lot. Sean Peng, Eric the Red and Illinformed definitely have a theme to their music, as their latest video Too Stoned makes abundantly clear. The Test Subjects LP is available to buy now.

Check the new video from Creatures of Habit, aka Sean Peng, Eric the Red and Illinformed. The Vices is the next track to be lifted from their debut LP, Test Subject, which is due out on 11 October on RLD Records.


A couple of weeks ago the High Focus squad rolled into Bristol en masse, for what looked set to be a day of good vibes, good people and good BBQ. Taking over the legendary Lakota club for a seven hour rampage, the bill boasted a weighty line-up including Dabbla, Ocean Wisdom, Fliptrix and Dirty Dike.

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The name might not be familiar, but the members will be, as Sean Peng, Eric the Red and Illinformed join forces to form Creatures of Habit. Let Yourself Breathe is just the first sample from the trio, with an album called Test Subject on the way next month. You can cop your pre-orders from RLD now.