Rich Jones & Killer Kane: Love You, Pay Me

You may remember me singing the praises of the latest release from Rich Jones, which saw him teaming up with producer, Killer Kane. The duo have now released a video from the EP, which features a friendlier twist on an old adage. The video was made by Orange Cap Pictures and it stars Sllime64. The Blue Beach EP is available now via Bandcamp.

Rich Jones: It’s Over + EP News

Pleased to report that we are dangerously close to the release of the new EP from Rich Jones. The Chicago artist recently removed himself from the metropolis for a break on the East Coast, and while he was there he decided to use the new surroundings to his advantage, drawing on the tranquility of the moment to bring forth a new project.
On the beats, we have Killer Kane, who Rich reached out to after a few years of back and forth communications between the two. The result is Blue Beach, which Rich descibes as, “something that someone could get lost in for hours, or enjoy for a quick 15”. You can experience a taste of what he means below, thanks to the first track from the EP, It’s Over, and then stay tuned for the full drop on Friday.

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Rich Jones & Montana Macks ft. Matt Muse, Defcee, SKECH185, Psalm One & Jovan Landry: Locals Only

A big drop here from Rich Jones, as he brings his locally sourced posse cut to life with some fresh visuals. Locals Only is taken from his Montana Macks produced project, How do you sleep at night?, which was released at the tail end of last year, and features a fine cross-section of the plethora of talent that Chicago has to offer. Matt Muse, Defcee, SKECH185, Psalm One and Jovan Landry all bring their unique flavours to the mix, with the track further fortified by this new video from New Trash Crew. The album is out now, available exclusively via Bandcamp.

Rich Jones & Montana Macks: How do you sleep at night? (Stream)

Speaking of Rich Jones, he’s another rapper whose music I’ve once more been enjoying, while neglecting to promote it on here. So with that in mind, you would be wise to check out his most recent project which sees Rich reconnecting with the man who apparently first brought him into music, way back in the school bus days – Montana Macks. The album is only available either on Bandcamp or via the artists directly, because Rich believes it is an album that needs to be digested as a whole, without any loss of the context that can come with playlist placements and the like.
It was written while some of the darker events of recent times played out in front of Rich’s eyes, including the brutality displayed by Chicago police officers, which unsurprisingly found its way into his lyrics. The title itself was a question he was asking himself as the scenes continued to get murkier. Aside from Rich and Montana, the album boasts a line up of guests that reflect Chicago’s supportive network of artists, including the concluding track, Locals Only, which features Psalm One, Defcee, Skech185, Jovan Landry and Matt Muse. As always, self-discovery is a better experience than my words, so go and enjoy the album for yourself. Previews are available below, with downloads available over on Bandcamp.

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Defcee & Nick Arcade: Ceenick (Stream)

You might well remember me singing the praises of Defcee back in 2019, following on from a run of strong releases, which culminated with his Lacuna LP alongside knowsthetime. I’ve been a bit slow on the blog since then but Defcee has continued building, offering up a seemingly endless stream of projects, which all maintain the same levels of artistry that first caught my attention a couple of years ago.
His most recent effort is no exception, as he teams up with producer, Nick Arcade, for the exemplary Ceenick. The album is now enjoying its deluxe edition release, which arrives five months after the original version and bolsters its predecessor with five new tracks. These include a follow-up to the previously released Non Sequitur, featuring fellow Chicago MC, Rich Jones, and the superb Omelettes, on which we hear Defcee at his most mesmerising. There are also some tight features from Wally Wess and Add-2. You can check all this out for yourself below, then head over to Bandcamp to cop a download and eye up some of the accompanying merch. And stay tuned for more coming from Defcee, as he joins forces with the mighty August Fanon.

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Rich Jones ft. David Ashley: Coffee

A new track here from Chicago MC, Rich Jones, as he teams up with fellow local artist, David Ashley, for Coffee. Despite having met back in the early 2010’s, this is the first time the duo have appeared on a track together, which seems crazy given the obvious chemistry they have found on Coffee. Production comes from Denmark Vessey, who is as on point as ever, flipping the same sample that Tribe use on Get A Hold. The slick visuals come courtesy of New Trash Crew. The track is also available to download via Bandcamp.