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Another day, another visual gem from the most recent Atmosphere album. Graffiti sees the Minneapolis duo teaming up once again with director, Jason Goldwatch, who once again provides another sublime backdrop for Ant’s triumphant production. The album, Mi Vida Local, is out now on Rhymesayers.

Rhymesayers representative, Brother Ali, recently offered up a brand new single – Sensitive. The track focuses on the angst that a lot of artists deal with and Ali says he wrote the track at a time when he had taken too long to release new music, had medical trouble with his voice and felt like he had also alienated fans with his political statements. Sensitive is self-produced and the video was made by Dave Wilson. The track is available to stream and download on all the usual platforms.

Another strong release from the Rhymesayers roster as Sa-Roc drops her latest video, Goddess Gang. The track is billed as the “ultimate squad anthem of 2018” and comes with a message that I for one am fully behind, whereby both the industry and listeners alike, need to start judging women by their skills on the mic, as opposed to their looks. The track is produced by Sa-Roc’s regular collaborator, Sol Messiah.

Atmosphere continue to build the hype for their forthcoming album, Mi Vida Local, which is due for release tomorrow. The video for Jerome was made by Evidence and Stephen Vanasco. Mi Vida Local is available to pre-order now via Rhymesayers.

Last week Rhymesayers announced that we would see the arrival of a new album from Atmosphere before the year is done. They also gifted us a new video from the project. Virgo is an important aspect of Atmosphere’s career, as both Ant and Slug fall under that sign, with numerous Virgo references peppering their back catalogue – “The player met a virgin made a Virgo named him Sean” etc. The album, Mi Vida Local, is scheduled for release on 5 October. The video was made by Jason Goldwatch.

This new song from Atmosphere surfaced a couple of weeks ago, amid rumours of a new album beckoning as well. Make It All Better Again is classic Atmosphere, with Slug recounting tales of woe fused with more than a glimmer of hope. You can stream/download the track from all the usual spots. Expect to hear more news on the album coming very soon.

Is it worth me celebrating six year anniversaries? Not really but its worth me reminding you lot what’s good or even introducing you to some new oldish shit you never heard before. I had been an Aesop Rock fan since Labor Days but this album was a change of lane for him as far as I was concerned. It was the first project where I felt like his production came into its own; it all seemed less convoluted than on previous jawns. It’s also sounded a lot more reflective and personal than his earlier efforts. I think it was his first album since Camu died, which would obviously have an impact. Lines like “Here is how a great escape goes/When you can’t take your dead friends names out your phone” resonated a lot with me back then and still do today. Read the rest of this entry »

Evidence always seems intent on bettering himself at every possible opportunity, be it on the mic or behind the boards, or in this case with his videos. Weather or Not has already given us some stunning visuals, including a bouncy ball frenzy and seeing LA re-imagined as a ghost town.
Now he continues raising the bar with his latest video for The Factory. Jason Goldwatch is again the brains behind the project, having directed, shot and edited everything, culminating in a next-level found footage style visual, which wouldn’t have been out of place on 80’s MTV. You really need to watch it to get the full glory cos my description will never quite do it justice. The track was produced by Twiz the Beat Pro. Weather or Not is out now on Rhymesayers.

The mighty Aesop Rock surprised us with a new song last week, as well as a new video to accompany it.
The track was released along with this statement from the man himself: “Occasionally song structure eludes me and it feels good. No problem-solving or pesky hit chorus, just rambling. Klutz is such a moment. I had started a couple things to this beat before sacrificing it to the gods of not-shutting-up, but this seemed a fitting fate. I hope you enjoy it. My longtime video collaborator, Rob Shaw, helped visualize my long-windedness, and I’m excited to have Steve Espo Powers gracing the artwork for the release.”
Rhymesayers have also announced a limited run of 7″ vinyl, as well as a t-shirt bundle offer. More information on all of that is available via Fifth Element.

Something a little bit different from the Rhymesayers camp this time, as they recently released the new video from vocalist, Nikki Jean. Nikki first came to my attention as part of Philadelphia-based band, Nouveau Riche, alongside Roots affiliate, Dice Raw.
Since then she has returned as a solo artist and People & Planes is her first song on RSE, since signing to the label at the end of last year – hopefully meaning a full-length is going to follow soon. Her vocals are always smooth, but with a haunting edge to them, which is used to great effect on this track, as Nikki literally falls apart while viewing images of war, murder and other atrocities on-screen. The track is produced by Nikki, Michael “Double-0” Aguilar and Sean Kantrowitz. It’s available to stream & buy from all the usual spots.