Aesop Rock x Blockhead: Jazz Hands + LP News

Blockhead’s production played a major role in my early fascination with Aesop Rock’s music. I was a huge fan of those early projects and so when I saw that the NY producer had reunited with his old comrade for a series of remixes, I was happy to say the least. So imagine my emotions yesterday, when it was revealed that the two have created a whole new album together. Garbology is due for release next month, with the first single, Jazz Hands, already given life. It might possibly offer a different sound to the one you were expecting, as Aesop Rock glides over a drumless beat until his vocals drift away and the drums are introduced. It works so well though and makes me even more intrigued to hear what the rest of the album has in store. Pre-orders for Garbology are available now.

Evidence: Better You

And with all of today’s posts seeming to naturally follow on from each other, let’s keep the monochrome vibes going with the new video from Evidence. Better You is a reunion of sorts, as fellow Step Brother, The Alchemist, supplies the production, while friend and regular creative partner, Stephen Vanasco, is on video duties. A triumvirate of talent.

Aesop Rock: Long Legged Larry

Aesop Rock maintains his reign as King of the Rappers who rap about things outside of the usual status quo, with his latest song, which is about a heroic frog. Long Legged Larry is the eponymous star of the show, as we’re treated to a few tales of his exploits, including his rescue of a tightrope walking poodle. The character was inspired by Aesop’s friend and collaborator, Jeremy Fish (no relation). As well as the single, you can also cop a bunch of accompanying merch, including a plush toy version of Larry. More details here.

Lice: Ask Anyone

Following on from the very sad news of MF DOOM’s passing, the internet was awash with tributes from all walks of the music industry, not just hip hop; a testament to the masked villain’s universal appeal and intrigue. One of the standouts for me has been this joint from Lice – aka Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman – who decided to pay their respects to DOOM with some typically tight bars over one of his most-loved instrumentals. You can hear the results for yourself below and downloads are available via Bandcamp.

Aesop Rock: The Gates

Earlier in the week I noticed something was afoot on Aesop Rock’s Instagram account. I actually thought he’d been hacked, as all his posts had been removed and his bio had been replaced with a line of garbled text. But then yesterday, four transmissions appeared which could be interpreted as hinting at the arrival of a new project. And now today, we are blessed with a whole new video, the first to be taken from his forthcoming album. The Gates plays out in classic 80’s sci-fi style, with three kids following a mysterious neon white rabbit that appears in the backyard, before leading them to a book full of oddities, as you will see. The track is produced by Aesop Rock. The album, Spirit World Field Guide, is due for release on 13 November via Rhyemsayers.

Sa-Roc: Deliverance

One new album that has been confirmed, is the latest one from Sa-Roc. The announcement came yesterday that she would be releasing The Sharecropper’s Daughter on 2 October, along with the arrival of the lead single, Deliverance. The track is a perfect snapshot of Sa-Roc’s infectious style, with her flows drawing you into her intricately constructed verses, which gel perfectly with Evidence’s production. Her label-mate is also the brains behind the video, along with Ev’s regular collaborator, Stephen Vanasco. Pre-orders for the album are available now via Rhymesayers.

Felt: Felt 4 U (Stream)

Following on from the surprise arrival of their first single in 11 years, now Felt are back with a whole new album. Felt 4 U is Murs and Slug’s first full-length project since the release of Felt 3 back in 2009, and on it we find the duo reuniting with arguably the most favoured producer from their earlier offerings – Ant. He’s cooked up a batch of beats which draw on his trademarks influences – funk, blues, country – resulting in an album where Ant is very much the driving force, representing a shift in the dynamic from their previous projects. Some superb guest spots too, with Blimes bringing her vocal excellence to the mix, as well as appearances from Felt 1 and 3 producers, The Grouch and Aesop Rock respectively. And finally a feature from Blueprint, but under his singing alias – Shepard Albertson. The whole album is a welcome surprise for fans and critics alike, judging by the initial reaction, and it also serves as a fitting next chapter in the duo’s journey. You can listen to the album in full below and physicals are available via Rhymesayers. Continue reading “Felt: Felt 4 U (Stream)”

Felt: Name In Ya Mouth

Good news from the Rhymesayers camp, as Murs and Slug reunite as Felt after an 11 year hiatus. 2009 was the last time the duo got together, when they released the Aesop Rock produced, Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez. This latest single sees them once again joining forces with Ant, who held down the beats on their second escapade, with the Atmosphere producer crafting a funk-heavy banger to reintroduce the crew. Name In Ya Mouth is out now on all the usual platforms.

Aesop Rock: Drums On The Wheel + EP Stream

New music here from Aesop Rock, as he lets his latest creation loose into the world. This new EP is actually the soundtrack from a computer game, Freedom Finger, which is made by one of Ace’s old friends, Travil Millard, who reached out to the Rhymesayers artist to ask him to make some original music for the game. He provided six instrumentals, which crop up at various stages throughout the game, but he also decided to make three brand new vocal tracks which would appear later on bonus levels. Now Rhymesayers have issued a vinyl release of the new music, featuring the three new tracks, plus all the original instrumentals. It’s available on limited edition 10″ vinyl, as well as digital, which you can stream below. Physicals and downloads are available via Bandcamp. Continue reading “Aesop Rock: Drums On The Wheel + EP Stream”