Dutch Mob ft. Ed O.G: One Percent + EP News

Big tune from the Dutch Mob boys as they celebrate the release of their long awaited Passport EP, with this slick new video for One Percent. Featuring Boston rap veteran, Ed O.G, One Percent is produced by Illinformed, with Chris Lucas (Arun Productions) behind the camera. It’s good to finally see the EP reach the masses. I know how much work has gone into it and they have taken their time to make sure everything was on point. It’s worked a treat. Continue reading “Dutch Mob ft. Ed O.G: One Percent + EP News”

Dutch Mob: Bin Juice

Dutch Mob – aka Res One & Mistafire – recently took a trip to NY and filmed this video, among other things. I have an interview with the duo coming to the blog this week, but in the meantime make the most of their second single, Bin Juice. Illinformed on the beat again, This & That Media behind the lens.

Dutch Mob: Word Up! Series

It was only on Monday that I went to interview the Dutch Mob boys and two days later they dropped this new bars session from New York. They have gone over there for a week or so and have taken This & That Media with them, so expect loads more videos like this one. Shouts to Res One and Mistafire (Plus Badhabitz on the beat), watch out for the interview coming soon.

Dutch Mob: One Take

Intriguing musical developments in Bristol as two of our finest join forces to form Dutch Mob. Res One from Split Prophets and Mistafire from Se Fire have been pouring their souls into the local scene and beyond for years, and now the duo have decided to combine their talents for an EP which will be dropping on Split Prophets Records soon. In the meantime enjoy the first taster, with Illinformed on the beat and This & That Media behind the lens. Stay tuned for an interview with Dutch Mob coming soon.

Joe Snow ft. Datkid & Res One: She Wish

Strong first release from the new Joe Snow LP that just dropped. She Wish sees the Defender of Style MC joining forces with Datkid and Res One, on a typically nice beat from the donny Hashfinger. The full album, I Know You Know Me You, is available to download for free now over at the Pang Productions Bandcamp. Definitely worth picking up.