Cappo & Remulak: Slum Village

We need all the reasons to be happy at the moment; after a year of misery and uncertainty, being able to celebrate the good things in life is more important than ever. One of those celebratory moments is the arrival of Village Live’s fifth birthday and their decision to release a special label compilation to mark the occasion. Featuring a stack of brand new material, from some of the artists who have helped to build the label into the success story it is today, Village Live is Five stands as the perfect testament to Doug and Joey’s ongoing legacy and achievements. The label kicked things off back in 2015 with a collaborative single from Remulak and Cappo, so it makes sense that for the new compilation the duo have reunited to deliver more of the magic they stumbled upon many moons ago. You can watch the video for the track above and then head over to the Village Live shop to reserve your vinyl pre-order.

Remulak & Type Raw: Mad Skillz

A new venture here from Village Live, as they unveil the first single in their Live & Direct series. Mad Skillz is a co-produced joint featuring the unwavering talents of label co-founder, Remulak, and Norwegian production don, Type.Raw, resulting in a paradigm of that sample-flecked dusty boom bap sound. The track is available to stream now from all the usual spots and if you’re on Spotify, you can follow the Live & Direct playlist, which will feature the singles as and when they drop.

Remulak: Down The River

As you probably know by now, Remulak has a new album and it’s full of very nice pieces of music, like this latest single which was released this morning. It coincides with the album’s release, which I will be writing more about shortly, but for now make the most of Down The River and its wonderfully calming influence. The video was made by Rivkah Hannah. Flourish is out now.

Remulak: Columbine Flowers

A beautiful offering from Remulak here, as he teases us with the lead single from his forthcoming album, Flourish. It’s somewhat of a departure from the instrumental hip hop that has quite rightfully done so well for the Village Live co-founder over the years, with this latest project striding down new avenues of live instrumentation. On Columbine Flowers, piano is the driving force as the track opens with some bold keys, before vocal samples float in and the beat breaks through. It’s a hell of an opening gambit for an album that looks set to be another jewel in Remulak’s crown. Streams of Columbine Flowers are available and I’ll have more news on the album soon.

Remulak: Solway Spaceman

Good to see Remulak back in the lab again, as he drops off his latest single. Solway Spaceman is the first we’ve heard from the Village Live producer since his Scrambled Eggs beat tape, which was released back in February. Hopefully this new joint is a sign that a new full length is not too far behind. You can stream Solway Spaceman below and other streaming/download options are also available. Continue reading “Remulak: Solway Spaceman”

Remulak: Scrambled Eggs (Stream)

A recently excavated instrumental project from Remulak, as he dusts off a selection of beats he made between 2001-2003. Scrambled Eggs was originally made on Fruity Loops 3.0 and Soundforge 5.0, then rejuvenated on the Maschine MK3 giving the jazzy numbers a new shine. You can stream it in full below, with downloads available on Bandcamp. Continue reading “Remulak: Scrambled Eggs (Stream)”

Remulak: One (Promo Mix)

Remulak recently announced the release of his latest album and in typical Village Live fashion, there is a nice little promo mix from Evil Ed to tide us over until the drop. The album is a collection of tracks from Remulak’s archives, which he made between 2005-2018. Pre-orders went up last night over at the Village Live store, with the release scheduled for 13 August. Continue reading “Remulak: One (Promo Mix)”