Ugly Heroes: Heart Attack

This is the latest offering from Ugly Heroes upcoming album Everything in Between, which is due out next month on Mello Music Group.
For those not hip to the crew, Ugly Heroes is comprised of rappers Verbal Kent and Red Pill, alongside producer Apollo Brown. Continue reading “Ugly Heroes: Heart Attack”

Words Hurt: I Love People

Yesterday saw the release of the next single from Words Hurt’s upcoming album, Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit. I Love People sees rapper Alaska and producer Lang Vo, team up with one of my favourite MCs at the minute, Red Pill. They’ve also thrown in a dope Zilla Rocca remix, with his noir hop style giving a whole new feel to the track. Get yourselves over to Bandcamp to cop the tracks and watch out for the album coming to your ears in the near future.

Red Pill: 90’s Money

The latest video from Red Pill was released at the start of the month and it is a beast. I’m a big fan of animation in general and this is a prime example of why. 90’s Money is produced by Alex Goose and the video is made by Ruff Mercy, who’s seemingly simple illustrations come together in a hectic animation, to brilliant effect. The track was lifted from the Day Drunk EP, which is out now on the Mello Music Group label.