Rag N Bone Man: No Mother

More new music from Rag N Bone Man, following in the footsteps of his excellent video, Lay My Body Down. Solemn vibes, strong vocals, backed up by some tight production from Mark Crew, who produced the forthcoming album.

Prince Kong x Mad Hatter: Mad Gorillas After Party


Following on from their previous release in 2011, Prince Kong and Mad Hatter are back with their Mad Gorillas After Party project. Featuring all the usual suspects from Rum CommitteeCeezlin, Gi3mo, Rag N Bone Man & Bukioe – as well as appearances from Mas Law, Mrisi, Frankie Stew and Victoria Port. Continue reading “Prince Kong x Mad Hatter: Mad Gorillas After Party”

Ramson Badbonez “A Year in the Life of Oscar the Slouch”


The end of last year saw a flurry of new releases from various heads on the UK scene and one of the stand out albums for me, was the latest from Ramson Badbonez. Continue reading “Ramson Badbonez “A Year in the Life of Oscar the Slouch””

Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog “The Dog ‘N’ Bone EP”


This review has been too long coming, as I have probably listened to the EP about 30 times since I got sent it a couple of weeks ago. It’s one of those releases that makes you realise something refreshing is happening in the scene right now. Continue reading “Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog “The Dog ‘N’ Bone EP””