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Another visual smash from Dabbla and his recent Death Moves LP. Once again he has enlisted the ample talents of Spin City Visuals for the video, with long-term production sparring partner, Sumgii, cooking up another banger for the beat. Death Moves is out now on Potent Funk.

More of that 5 Star Anarchy sound, as Benofficial and Prozac return with Check It Out. Lot more on the way from these two, so keep those eyes and ears peeled. The track is available to buy now via Potent Funk.

It’s been a long time coming, but yesterday we were finally treated to the full release of the new album from UK favourite, Dabbla. Any regular visitors to my blog will know that I have been championing the album since its coming was announced some months ago. And with good reason because the whole project is a treat for the ears, packed with a standard of lyricism and production high enough to bring the devil himself to tears.
There are plenty of stellar features too from the likes of Rag’N’Bone Man, Eva Lazarus, Illaman, LDZ and Jam Baxter, but the main star is Dabbla who seems to be at his hungriest yet on Death Moves; quite a feat for an MC who has been giving his all to every release since his debut with LDZ.
You can stream the full album below and there is also a brand new video for the title track, produced by Dirty Dike, Pete Cannon and GhostTown. The video itself was made by Obese Aesthetics – the dons behind the hugely successful Psychoville video, from Dabbla’s previous album. You can grab digital/physical copies of the album over at the Potent Funk store. Read the rest of this entry »

A personal favourite from the forthcoming Dabbla album, as the Potent Funk MC unleashes his latest video. Long Gone features fellow Dead Player, Jam Baxter and a filthy beat from long-term collaborator, Sumgii. Just wait for that drop. The video was made by Spin City Visuals. Death Moves is due out on 5 October.

The enigmatic production force known only as Final Boss returns with the next wave of his assault on the UK rap scene. This time he takes on the lyrical might of Harry the Bastard of LDZ fame. You can cop a download now over at the Potent Funk store. The video was made by Vid3t and Liquid Odds.

This week we were treated to another new video from Dabbla’s upcoming album, Death Moves. FUTD – aka Fuck Up The Dance – features a crazy beat from Sumgii, complete with Chun Li samples and a full CGI video, complete with UFO crash landings and alien robots. The video was made by Spin City Visuals. The album is due for release on 1 October and features Rag’N’Bone Man, Eva Lazarus, Jam Baxter, Illaman and LDZ.

Benofficial returns with another track, following on from his Potent Funk debut back in June. MVN FWD is again produced by Prozac and the video was made by Spin City Visuals. Downloads for both tracks are available over on Bandcamp.

The Potent Funk family keep us guessing with their latest member, the enigmatic Final Boss. Big drums lay the foundation for a driving rhythm, laced with some fine flows from Alpha Centauri aka Aynzli Jones. Jones is an artist who fuses elements of reggae, funk and rap to such a high calibre that he has already collaborated with the likes of Kool Keith, Ghetts and Congo Natty. As for the main player, there is not much more I can tell you other than his name and the fact that he seems a pretty formidable foe, so I guess we will have to let the music be his best representation. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

Dabbla is on mission at the moment, a mission to build the hype for his upcoming solo album, Death Moves. So far we have been treated to a few glimpses at what the project has in store and today we get the next piece in the puzzle. Devil You Know is produced by Sumgii with a slick video from Spin City Visuals, which they shot on location in the US recently. Death Moves is due out on Potent Funk soon, more information when I have it.

Potent Funk introduced us to their latest signing last week, as they unveiled the new single from Benofficial. Machine Gun Benny is produced by Prozac and I think we’re going to hear more collabs from them in the future, incorporating what’s being dubbed as their ‘5 Star Anarchy’ sound. The track is available to download now.