SHREDDERS: Suburban Base

DOOMTREE offshoot SHREDDERS are due to release their new album shortly and Suburban Base is the first offering we’ve had from it. The quartet – comprised of P.O.S, SIMS, Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak – deliver a pulsating, DnB tinged jam, which acts as another great strengthener for your Monday morning energy levels. The album, Great Hits, is available for pre-order now.

Chris Orrick ft. P.O.S: Your Ambition

With empty exclamations of “New year, new me!” ringing out around the world, this period is generally seen as a time of change. Take Chris Orrick, or the artist formerly known as Red Pill, who yesterday announced the retirement of his previous moniker. Unfortunately the name Red Pill now has some pretty bad connotations, thanks to the rise of the online group who chose that name based on a misinterpretation of that scene from The Matrix.
Orrick himself said, “I tried to ignore it, but given my own values and principles and especially given the current political and social climate that we live in, I couldn’t live with myself being associated with their bullshit. From now on I’m going by my real name. You can call me Chris.”
The announcement came with a new video too, for Your Ambition, which is lifted from his Instinctive Drowning album and features Doomtree’s P.O.S. The track is produced by Ill Poetic.

SHREDDERS: Entertainment

A quick hop across the Atlantic now to catch up with the latest from SHREDDERS, as they continue riding the wave of their recent album release, with a brand new video for Entertainment. The Doomtree quartet seem to have had a lot of fun making this project, which arrives in between their full crew albums. For those unfamiliar with the setup, SHREDDERS is comprised of P.O.S, Sims, Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger. The album – Dangerous Jumps – is out now on Doomtree Records.

P.O.S: Born A Snake

P.O.S released a new video yesterday, the next to be taken from his excellent Chill, dummy album. Born a Snake is the opening track from the album and is produced by P.O.S. The album is available to by now via the Doomtree store. P.O.S also recently announced a European tour, including three UK dates in December:

14.12 Manchester – The Soup Kitchen
15.12 Glasgow – Stereo
16.12 London – Kamio

P. O. S ft. Rapper Hooks & Moncelas Boston: Bully

P.O.S released his latest album recently and very good it is too. His style has definitely changed a lot since the Ipecac Neat days, but the evolution hasn’t lost any of the grit that got me into his music in the first place. Yesterday saw another video released from the project, this time for Bully. Chill, Dummy is available to buy now over at the Doomtree store.