Leaf Dog ft. Everyone: The Legacy

I had to write ‘everyone’ cos I literally cannot fit all the MCs names into the title. 20 rappers, eight bars a piece. Safe to say this is a monumental track from Leaf Dog, as he continues to build on the intrigue for his forthcoming album, Dyslexic Disciple. Phi Life Cypher, Smellington Piff, BVA, Cracker Jon, Jehst, Jack Jetson, Dirty Dike, Verb T, Sonnyjim, Mysdiggi, Klashnekoff, Fliptrix, Bill Shakes, Eric The Red, King Kashmere, Remus, Task Force and DJ Sammy B-Side providing the cuts. Pre-orders for the album are available here.

Si Phili: Let it Go

Brand new video from UK vet Si Phili, the third from his 11th Hour solo album, which was released last month. Once part of the legendary Phi Life Cypher, over recent years Phili has been smashing up the scene with Dotz, but is now ready to hit that solo tip. Let It Go is produced by Leaf Dog and you can cop the album over at Bandcamp now.