Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: The Tonic EP


More fun raps are on the horizon, as Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon reunite for The Tonic EP. Following on from Killer Combo! and Elaborate Anoraks, this is created in a similar vein, with an emphasis on not taking yourself too seriously – a characteristic of most rap that’s as entrenched as squatting in photos. Continue reading “Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: The Tonic EP”

Moose Funk Squad: Getting Paper

Yet more new music from the Moose, as they drop their second EP in as many weeks: Hoof Prints Vol. 2. This time the release is produced in its entirety by arguably the UK’s best coiffured producer, Pte Cannon. The track is great and is made even greater by the excellent video by Cowboy Tactics. Good shit. The EP is available to download over at Bandcamp.

Black Josh & Pete Cannon: Know About It

Next up from Blah is the latest from one of the most prolific MCs of the moment, Black Josh. After dropping his #BlahBlahBlackJosh mixtape and his Blosh EP, as well as B-Movie Billionaires with Lee Scott, he is now set to release Smoking Kills, a collaboration with Pete Cannon. This is the first video and if it is a taste of what is to come, we are in for a treat. Pre-orders are available here.

Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax ft. Jehst & Del tha Funkee Homosapien “Do What We Wanna Do”

If you didn’t know already, Pete Cannon and Dr Syntax have made an album together and it is bloody good. This won’t come as much of a shock to anyone already familiar, considering how much respect they both have on the UK scene. Continue reading “Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax ft. Jehst & Del tha Funkee Homosapien “Do What We Wanna Do””

Jam Baxter “Gruesome Features”

This review is a long time coming and the majority may have already heard the album, but for the good of mankind everyone should be made aware of this release. This is the result of Jam Baxter compiling together all the tracks he has made with other people, over the past couple of years, in between his solo albums. Continue reading “Jam Baxter “Gruesome Features””