Lunar C: Something in the Water

Entertaining visuals from Lunar C and his latest album, as he drops off a new video for Something in the Water. The footage Lunar has used is from the exceedingly odd cult black comedy, Trash Humpers, which is probably worth watching if you’re not already familiar. The track features production from Pete Cannon. Very Important is out now.

Pete Cannon: 8-bit Only E​P

It’s quite common to see producers online asserting the fact that you do not need fancy equipment in order to make good music. The strength of the results lies within the talent and skills you possess, not the amount you’ve spent on your gear. If anyone needed proof of this, they need look no further than Pete Cannon, a producer who not only gets the most banging results from working with this older equipment, he actually prefers them over their more modern successors. This has never been demonstrated better than on his latest release, the 8-bit Only EP, which includes four new tracks that were all created using classic Amiga and Octamed equipment. The tracks all seize on that 90’s hardcore-jungle-DnB sound that Pete has been perfecting over the last few years, which anyone who follows him on social media will no doubt be familiar with. You can hear the EP for yourself below and there are also vinyl options available, including a limited edition bundle that comes with a sample pack on floppy disc. All of which can be found via the N4 Records Bandcamp. Continue reading “Pete Cannon: 8-bit Only E​P”

PENGSHUi x Footsie: Wiseman

Another visual riot from punk-grime advocates, PENGSHUi, as they team up with Newham Generals legend, Footsie, on Wiseman. The production comes courtesy of Pete Cannon. It follows the announcement this week, that PENGSHUi’s debut album is set for release on 21 February. I’ve been pushing these guys since their first track and I am fully confident that we are going to see them reach incredible heights when the LP comes. Considering what they have already achieved in a relatively short space of time, it’s basically a given that they are going to blow up eventually and I think this album will be the touchpaper. More news on the self-titled debut when I’ve got it. Wiseman is available to stream now on the usual platforms. Continue reading “PENGSHUi x Footsie: Wiseman”

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: Fact Check

Last minute call to the ballot box from Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon, as they take up arms in the fight to rid the UK of Conservative rule. The name, I suspect, is a shot at the Tories recent underhanded tactics during the debate, which saw them temporarily rebrand their website as Fact Check UK, before shooting down Labour’s policies using their usual brand of tainted truths. The surge of new voters has been incredible over the last few days and there is still time to register if you haven’t done so already. Registration closes at midnight.

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Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: Wallop

More visual antics from Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon, as they carry on delivering gems from their most recent collaboration. Wallop is the title track from the album and features Syntax taking on a nice bit of trap, courtesy of Pete. It works far too well and now I just want to hear a whole trap album from them both. The video for Wallop was made by Si Haze Films and you can download the rest of the album over on Bandcamp.

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon: Wallop (Stream)

Today we welcome the latest album from Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon into the world, as they release their umpteenth collaboration, Wallop. If you’ve been following their movements over the last few weeks, you will have heard tracks like Mayhem, which show that the creative partners are embracing some of Pete’s other areas of expertise – namely old skool hardcore and DnB.

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